Protection from Spam, Unsolicited Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulations, 2009

PTA has asked all operators to establish SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), within 60 days, to control fraudulent and SPAM and un wanted communication. These directions came after a regulation called “Protection from Spam, Unsolicited fraudulent and obnoxious communication Regulations, 2009” has been issued and is effective since August 5th, 2009.

As per regulation, all operators are asked to get their SOPs in place to detect and filter SPAM calls and text messages.
All operators will maintain a black list of the subscribers originating spam communication (with their name, CNIC and other details), while in case of second instance of violation, subscriber will not be eligible to get service from any cellular company. Mobile companies will have to share this list with regulator on monthly basis, which will be publically shared by PTA through its website.

With this regulation, un-wanted telemarketing calls may also see an end, thanks to introduction of DNCR.

DNCR (Do Not Call Register), will be a list, where subscribers can register if they don’t want to receive tele-marketing calls. Mobile companies will establish a toll free number (just like help line) for their subscribers to allow their customers to register on DNCR – if they don’t want to receive tele-marketing calls.

Once on DNCR, no tele-marketer would be making you any call, however, in case of violation of DNCR, customers can get the number of tele-marketer blocked, on notice of 7 days (of course by registering complaint at their respective help line, for instance 321, 111, 333 etc)

Regulation says that all mobile companies should get DNCR working with-in 90 days.

It is emphasized in regulation that cellular companies will give due consideration to all complaints registered for up-mentioned issues.

We will bring more update (of course with in depth details) of this regulation in coming days.

Meanwhile, want to have a look at regulation, download here

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  • Nice but would it be implemented fairly? As it would a set back for Tele-Marketing ppl :P


  • What a daft idea! These network providers are the number one spammers out there. A day doesn’t go by without zong sms spamming me about something or the other. So how are the network providers going to stop the spamming when they themselves are spamming?

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