Pakistan’s New Satellite PAKSAT-IR to be Launched in 2011

Pakistan’s new and powerful communication satellite PAKSAT-IR will be launched in the year 2011.This was stated by the General Manager PAKSAT International, Amir Hussain.

In a statement he said that the countdown has begun towards this launch and that its development work is progressing with full swing.

It was pointed out that the PAKSAT-IR will replace the existing satellite PAKSAT-I at 38 degree East, which will remain operational till the end of 2011 ensuring service continuity to current PAKSAT customers till PAKSAT-IR becomes operational.

The new high power PAKSAT-IR satellite is specifically designed for Pakistan and the region with strong C and KU band footprint and coverage over South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, the statement added.

This satellite will be ideally suited for broadcast, direct to home (DTH), data and internet services in the region, it was further stated.

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