PTCL to Offer Unlimited On-Net Voice and Broadband Plans

Through highly reliable sources at PTCL we have come to know that PTCL is soon going to offer unlimited PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone calls, bundled with Broadband, primarily aiming home users only.

This is where PTCL can beat all other LDI operators and ISPs that is its only PTCL that can offer both voice and broadband as a bundle. Let’s have a look at anticipated rates

Expected Tariff

Unlimited On Net Calls + 1 MB Broadband = Rs. 1,999
Unlimited On Net Calls + 2 MB Broadband = Rs. 2,999
Unlimited On Net Calls + 4 MB Broadband = Rs. 5,999

Currently, PTCL has been offering 1 MB broadband connection for Rs. 1,200, meaning that customers will have to pay only Rs. 799 for unlimited PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone calls (including local and nationwide calls).

This is a treat for subscribers and a killer plan for competition.

By the way, customers will have to get both the services in order to enjoy these plans, meaning that you will have to subscribe to DSL services in order to get unlimited voice plan.

Update: PTCL has started offering this Package to selected customers, here are details

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  • I would prefer a separate unlimited voice package @ Rs. 799 for unlimited PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone calls (including local and nationwide calls) rather then bundled with broadband. I am satisfied with my current broadband provider(linknet).

  • Dear PTcl

    Please donot do these for broadband user ask if sum one want to avial unlimited call with broadband it charge Rs 2000 othere wise only broadband 1mb= Rs 1200 will be charged


  • Salam Everyone
    And ramadan mubarak to everyone.

    Yeh these packages are very great , but to introduce these packages first ptcl should improve it`s DSL service because it reconnects about 10 times in one hour . So firstly Ptcl should improve it`s dsl service ..

    i m sure if there service will be improve i will apply for this package.

    • Yes I strongly agree. It disconnects much more during high traffic hours (office hours) than during night, meaning it’s not due to phone line noise etc. It’s probably due to PTCL selling more than it can handle currently.

      And one more thing I have to ask from Aamir Bhai: About a year ago, a similar “insider” story was posted about PTCL landline unlimited on-net calls and that time as well, it was claimed to be through some “highly reliable sources” within PTCL. But I kept on waiting and it never materialized. I Hope my wait is over this time…

    • Nope ..!! DSL is working fine for me. Our computer is open about 24hours a day and ptcl DSL never disconnects ..!!

  • good1
    but what about those customers who are already using ptcl’s broadband? they’ll be shifted automatically or not?

  • That’s fantastic, I will definately opt-in for this as soon as they comes out, and I hope that 30% discount will remain applied for the student package!

    Any confirmed expected date ? perhaps it’s going to be launched on the event of EID as Eid Special Offer!

  • Can’t believe. If this happened, than other companies will have to start rolling their network.

    Before this, i would appreciate if they better their PTCL structure in Major cities, e.g In Karachi, it is very bad. And hire technical people on customer support for Home Users. On corporate they have Highly skilled people.

    Good job @ Atta.

  • Dear Pro Pakistani,

    Did you noticed that when PTCL Vfone offer unlimited on net call it exclude UAN nos, which are originally PTCL nos but they are charging it at normal per call rate. I’ve personally checked with my Vfone.

    Pls look into this matter as this is fraud with the consumers.

  • My friend today got a call from ptcl. They offered him to convert to unlimited package. I wonder why they are not publicizing this package as it should be available for all. I also want to subscribe to this package and am waiting for ptcl to call. Anyone knows if there is a possibility to subscribe it over the telephone by calling ptcl?

  • Sounds intriguing! first the info is leaked on this site courtesy reliable sources. Now we hear that they are quietly approaching their own DSL subscribers….I wonder if it is by design? it is a very well thought out plan as well as unorthodox given the advantage of the package that PTCL is offering as their competition can’t even imagine to counter it.

    But I wonder if this so called killer package would be able to sustain the demand for DSL and telephone connections? More importantly with such bundlingQoS becomes extremely important and PTCL is certainly known for not being anywhere nearer to its customers’ expectations…let’s see how they manage it and officially announce what can potentialy take them miles ahead of their competition

  • salam dear guyz
    hor u my all pakistanis brother. can some 1 tell me that y not available ptcl brodband n malakand agency.plzzzz tell me

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