Senate Committee Concerned by Poor Telecom Services

Expressing concern over the deteriorating standard and provision of poor services by a number of telecommunication companies, the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications has urged the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ensure protection of consumer rights.

“Growth of the telecom sector is important, but consumer satisfaction is more important”, was the unanimous view of the committee, which met at Parliament House with Senator Muhammad Idrees Khan Safi in chair.

It also observed that telecom companies were making windfall profits but paying little attention to improving service quality, especially in the rural and remote areas of the country, severely inconveniencing citizens and consumers.

The committee directed the PTA to play its regulatory role effectively to address outstanding issues, especially those related to service quality. It also instructed that the SIM registration and verification process be carried out vigilantly to avoid any misuse.

The members were of the view that the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), ever since its privatisation, was unable to come up to the expectations of the people and that its service quality was unsatisfactory.

The committee observed that the provincial and regional job quota requirements enforced by the government were also not being complied with by the PTCL. It expressed concern over the massive lay-offs of trained employees, including engineers having more than 20 years of experience, and attributed this trend to falling standards of service.

via: Daily Times

  • Faheem Shahzad

    With due respect to the author and the authorities, do they actually know HOW MUCH IS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS IN PAKISTAN?

    Still the Telecom Operators are providing the LOWEST call rates and package plans to call and SMS to and from other mobile operators.

  • Asif Mushtaq

    I agree. Telecom and Internet serivces are perhaps a few of the public services which are doing a decent job. Don’t know whey these commitee members are after them. There are loads of other public service issues which need to be looked into on priority.


  • Khizar Sherazi

    I appeal PTA to come and review the inside situation of Warid Telecom. There is a lot of issues and problems, and financial irregularities being committed.
    We franchises of Warid are being crushed and deprived of our genuine claims, and why are we be being so much burdened ?
    1. Till now, Warid has not handedover copy of Franchise Agreement to any franchisee since 2005. WHY ?
    2. Tax on signboards of franchises, is deducted from our delayed commisions. WHY ? IN Telenor, and other companies, the Telecom pays it.
    3. Commission is paid after 3 to 4 months . WHY ?
    4. Commission is always paid less than actual. WHY ?
    5. Pending commissions of previous years still not paid. WHY ?
    6. Rate of commission on new connection sale reduced so low, that its not viable to sell . WHY ?