Online Vehicle Tracking Launched by Government of Punjab

In past, we use to go to the registration office to get information against the registration number of any car to see if the car was legal or not. It was an hectic process and consumed a lot of time and resources. Now, for the first time in Pakistan, Government of Punjab has launched an Online Vehicle Tracking system.

It is launched by the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS), a division of the Punjab Government. Using this service; now, you can get information against the registration number of the car (currently only for Punjab registered vehicles). By just searching your desired registration number it will give you detailed info about the car and its owner. For example, check out the below image:

online vehicle tracking system

Try out this online service and find your cars. This service is surely one of a kind in Pakistan and will be applauded by masses. I hope same service also gets introduced in other provinces for the ease of people.

  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    Good step by Punjab Government, but website is not properly working in Firefox, Works well in internet Explorer though.. like all other Government websites :D

    • Muhammad Aamir

      It now works fine after 6 years in Firefox and Chrome. :D

  • Saleem Khan

    Well done Punjab Government. Look this initiative is an example of facilitating your people. It won’t a lot to the government but this is a big facility for people and wont be a burden on government offices also.

  • S.A.R.A.

    What the hell.. its a great service, but what about data protection?

    • Ihsan

      Well done by Punjab govt but I have checked out this web site for my motor cycle but the result was incorrect. data may be reviewed plz.

    • A Khan


  • RIZWAN Aslam

    Well Punjab Govt, Salam to CM Punjab, well done…..
    Keep doing work like these, which is secure our properties…………
    Thanks you…

  • Jadoo


    • Muhammad Abdullah

      Assalam o Alaikum
      Please check car registration bearing No MLD 452

      • Nauman

        How i can check online number of these registration.
        1. FDT 2600
        2. VRF 4241
        3. AKB 1888
        4. FSJ 9890
        5. SLP 558

        • saif


  • Nabeel

    exactly… no privacy

    i can now easily trace any guy i want by car

    • Fazal

      Hi…I want trace a car…Any one can help me..? :)
      txt me plz at 00923015872799

  • Omer

    what about privacy…this is giving out too much detail without any protection whatsoever! no NIC required. no user NIC required. nothing! I wonder if anyone in govt IT departments knows what privacy is?

  • Imran

    Good service

  • asad

    Guys you only get the name of the owner and nothing more …. i think its great if you wanna buy or sell car and secondly you know exactly the status of your own car…..


  • Yasir

    i submit my vehicle number but their is no response……whats the hell with service?

  • Nice Information, thanks to

    keep up the good work … :)

  • what any one khnow this type of website like this vehicle tracer which trace any person data with its NID card number ????????

  • kamran

    sir why some registrations are not working like GAG , RIR and LXR etc

  • shafiq

    This is amazing service
    i just checked my sold out car status. i sold it about an month ago its 1998 Model Mehran but still registered against my name.
    where as when i sold the car & i gave buyer close letter Plus due to security problems i also took an legal paper form buyer with his NIC photo copy and wrtten proof that he has purchased this car on dated this etc.. form me.

  • Waseem

    Great Work from Great Leader.Keep it up Mr Chief and also solve other problems.

  • Muhammad Niaz

    sir, at first, i thank Punjab government, all the officials in general and the CM of punjab in particular, for facilitating masses by providing them this vital information. I would also like here to add that the owner transfer record (vehicle transfered from one owner to other)may kindly be updated as in some cases only the first owner is mentioned and no subsequent entry is shown. Thank you and may Allah Bless pakistan and its people more and more happinesses..aamin..sum aamin

  • Adil

    Punjab CM is the activiest CM of Pakistan.
    Good and salam to him and his team.

  • Azhar

    Its not working

  • Jafary92

    Very Good Service…Salute to those who took the initiative to make it available for the masses as well.

    Refresh the page twice and your visitor number changes…LoL

    It is also requested that please add the owner transfer record as well.


  • muhammad imran

    assalamolakum.i request for my vehicle data is not availble on this side.please check vehicle no Brc 624 data.and reply me.thank you.

  • Asif

    Very good and well done. in this way it will be very difficult for the fraudlants to temper and do the business of fraud vehicles. keep it up for the other departments too.

  • Usama

    Please Speak me result roll no.310

  • fasal

    a good service provded by punjab govt..
    thanks to all those who materialized this project
    and others provinces to also follow such step for the ease of public

  • Baber khan

    Plz update my car’s data Lec 009 8917

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Its great step but i have security concern as many people mentioned. Atleast one should be ask for his NIC number and registration number to avoid full access. As if i know the registration number it is usual that will be unware of NIC…

  • This System is not working on my side…

  • Muhammad Sohaib Iqbal

    what is the duration of update data system.



    • M ANWAR


  • Haider

    How can i check registraion of “A” serials
    e.g “LEN-11 1111A”

  • Dr Zafar Alvi

    Great idea indeed. However, I can’t access from my BlackBerry.

  • kamal nagpal

    plz check my car registration number pb 22d 7347

  • kamal nagpal


  • Gull nawaz khan

    100000000000000000000000000000000 stars

  • Gull nawaz khan

    100000000000000000000000000000000…. stars

  • aftab

    its good

  • ishtiaq ahmad

    Plz update my car’s data LE.10.2368

  • ishtiaq ahmad

    CHASSIS NO.569918
    ENGINE NUMBER 265908

  • ishtiaq ahmad

    How i can check online number of thIS registration NO;LE.10.2368


    please any body who send me the NIC number of MR MUHAMMAD EJAZ S/O MUHAMMAD SHAFI HOUSE NO:41/3 STREET NUMBER 8. JHANG BAZAR FAISALABAD on my email address.
    i m very very very thank full to him who send me the nic number thanx


    plz give me details of my cars IDH-5116 IDT401

  • shani

    plz give me the details of my car……MNL 1222

  • M.Zubair Khan

    Can we also check the Registration of Motor Bikes or Not??????

  • Kamran Rasool

    information is not updated regarding vehicle registration number details..


    please help me to find owner of maruti car registered number PB-39-… 6960 NEAR RAJPURA. MY CONTACT..9417210198

  • Syed Umer

    plz send me the details of AFV-577

  • Awais

    please help me to search GAM8582 registration details


    PLS CHK NO DL 3C 4081

  • Zafar

    site seems to be down for last couple of days

  • kamran

    bike regestrstion no, XN 387

  • Faraz Hayat

    my car is transferred on my name but data is not updated, how can i update my car data on mtmis website?

  • Ali

    please check registration number LEC 3378…