Online Vehicle Tracking Launched by Government of Punjab

In past, we use to go to the registration office to get information against the registration number of any car to see if the car was legal or not. It was an hectic process and consumed a lot of time and resources. Now, for the first time in Pakistan, Government of Punjab has launched an Online Vehicle Tracking system.

It is launched by the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS), a division of the Punjab Government. Using this service; now, you can get information against the registration number of the car (currently only for Punjab registered vehicles). By just searching your desired registration number it will give you detailed info about the car and its owner. For example, check out the below image:

online vehicle tracking system

Try out this online service and find your cars. This service is surely one of a kind in Pakistan and will be applauded by masses. I hope same service also gets introduced in other provinces for the ease of people.