Ufone Blocks ‘Email To SMS Service’ For Gmail Users

Ufone launched its ‘Email To SMS Service’ a few years back. Since the start Yahoo and Hotmail email service providers were blocked. So at that time Yahoo and Hotmail users were unable to utilize the service provided by Ufone. Perhaps they blocked these two email service providers because they were quite famous and mostly used at that time and it could have maximized Ufone’s network costs.

Now when Gmail is getting popular among the masses, Ufone has also blocked Gmail from their ‘Email To SMS Service’. So! technically speaking; now people who use Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo can’t send Email to SMS messages to their buddies.


Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo are the widely used services in Pakistan. And as Ufone has blocked all three of these, there remains no need of  this ‘Email To SMS Service’.

On the other hand ZONG’s ‘Email To SMS Service’ is still open for all the Email service providers and is working smoothly. Here this should be kept in mind that so far in Pakistan only Ufone and ZONG have come up with this service.

What is ‘Email To SMS Service’?

Email to SMS service allows you to send/receive Email by using SMS. The Email to SMS service provider periodically contacts the Email server that you have selected for checking new Email, once there is new Email arrived, Email to SMS service provider will immediately forward the Email to your mobile phone by using SMS.

Below image will clarify the concept:



If the Email message is longer than one SMS message (for 160 English characters), you can send command to the Email to SMS service provider to receive the remaining parts.

Besides receiving Email, you can also send Email by sending a SMS which consists of the recipient’s address and the message to Email to SMS service provider which will then send it as Email to the destination.

This service can be very useful for those individuals who are mostly on the go and need to stay connected with their work.