PTCL Employees Protest for Low Wages and Incentives

File Photo: PTCL Employees protesting against administration
File Photo: PTCL Employees protesting against administration

PTCL employees from all departments with-in Islamabad/Rawalpindi have once again gathered before headquarter in a protest against the administration for not raising their salaries and almost no incentives.

Result of this protest has affected company’s performance notably, as employees have not been working, consequently support concerns of customers remained un-resolved.

This is not the first time that PTCL employees are protesting against administration. They have been regularly blocking the system in past too. Such protests put PTCL customers in very miserable situation, as their faulty lines remain down for undefined time. Moreover, DSL installations from all ISPs also face delays, creating panic amongst the masses.

Update: PTCL’s employees continued their protest on Sunday, (August 30th, 2009). Situation went out of control when police was called and it started arresting protesting employees. We are told that few employees were put behind the bars.

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  • i dont kwow what they want. the company is unable to make good profits. they did the VSS to take down the costs but as a result of last strike by PTCL employees, the salaries cost juzt went down by Rs2bn per quarter against an expected Rs6bn. I heard they are have been planning for another VSS.

  • I tell you what, those are the old employees of PTCL who still have some “government employee attitude” They have a stainless steel rod in their back when it comes to dealing with PTCL customers. Just google the term “PTCL” and you will know the sorry state of how bad attitude they have towards their customers. So I think those people deserve it. Fair enough.

  • PTCL can not change a single thing in any matter.
    Dissatisfied customers, discontented employees. Customer support is next to ZERO, and still the employees are asking for more……
    WOW what a joke.

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