Why the Industry and PTA is quite over Ufone’s Super Ghanta Offer?

In connection with special offerings during Ramadan, and in continuity of Ghanta Offer in Last Ramadan, Ufone offered Super Ghanta Offer that allows its customers to call at Rs. 3.50 (plus tax) per hour from 4 AM to 5 PM for a daily rental.

Hourly packages were nothing new to Pakistan’s cellular industry, however, Ufone’s this offer allows its customers to call not only Ufone numbers but also PTCL and Vfone numbers.

As an industry perspective, Ufone’s this offering is almost impossible to compete. Reason is that cellular companies have to pay interconnect charges of Rs. 1 per .50 minute for all calls made to PTCL or Vfone from their network.

Ufone is affording these hour long calls to PTCL for Rs. 3.50 plus tax, due to business relation of Ufone’s with PTCL. It maybe recalled that Ufone is wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL.

I am pretty sure, industry has been going through the heat, but no action has been put forward yet from other cellular companies, individually or collectively.

On PTA’s part, there has nothing been said so far, resulting non-competitive pricing in the industry.

I leave this discussion un-concluded, to wait further and see if any company comes up with any protest at any level against Ufone.

Update: Telenor has approached PTA against Ufone’s Super Ghanta Package

Update 2: PTA Questions Ufone Regarding Super Ghanta Offer

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  • Ufone is providing what he can at his best to its customers. Other networks also have the same relations either within the country or Outside like Warid with Wateen and Telenor, Jazz and Zong can also give the same offer much better than Ufone but they are only interested in Profit and savings. PTA has no objection if telenor say that he will charge 50p to call telenor anywhere in the world ….

  • If Ufone has the favors from PTCl they its good to give relief to its subscribers. Other operators can offer something else. I dont think so that there is any harm to the industry. Others needs to be more innovative…and go to Value added services

  • You mean if warid launches any bundled offer with wateen dat will be unfair for the rest?
    I dont think this is unfair. Why dont rest of companies launches dere own land line networks too :P Why dont dey bring any competitior against PTCL?

  • Well Ufone is providing 2.50/= for international sms however other operators are providing same for 7/= (including tax).
    on the other hand Warid owns wateen, Mobilink owns Infinity these companies can provide same package for their own networks. :) Ufone Rox.

  • Mobilink offers Subsidized calls from Infinity to mobilink family.
    But its really unfair from Ufone to offer these rates.
    Even PTCL is not offering these same rates to its customers.
    Bringing competition for PTCL u must be insane they have got a GIANT network in pakistan.
    And PTA should also look into Vptcl and Ptcl rates, the rates offered by Vptcl are also unbeatable.

  • interconnect charges for calling landline numbers are not Re 1 per minute, thats 0.50 Re per minute for calling landlines

  • this may be called as family newtwork offer as often given by SCO in AJK and NA. inpspite of it is not a big issue for Etisalat….it may be a test case…they are ready to offer more then this…pls wait for further super packages


  • Why we’re so much woundering? Ufone is part of PTCL and Vfone, its just like a family. Its similar as Warid, Wateen and Bank Al-Falah have same group. I remember a couple of years ago Bank Al-Falah launches some account and credit cards packages for Warid postpaid customers. Another example is Mobilik, Infinity and Link Dot Net belong to same group, they can launch the packages whatever they want, can PTA take any action against them? Guys Ufone is doing nothing wrong.

  • Aamir dear, seems like you hit the wrong note. People here have got GOOD BIG justifications against this article’s subject!

    • Yes – i agree that people have their logics, and in fact its good that they voice what they feel like.

      Customers’ viewpoint would go against me this time, coz i am preaching something which will hurt their interests. But as an individual, one should believe that ProPakistani has to see customers and industry, equally, without any compromise.

      Those packages offered by Infinity to Mobilink, and connections for Bank Al Falah holders didn’t hurt industry at large, as this package can do. Rest i left it open for industry to decide if they are feeling the heat or not.

      I am expecting something next week in this regards, maybe some operator may come forward and approach PTA – let’s see

      • Dear Aamir, Warid holds largest postpaid customers network in Pakistan and that is just because of Bank Alfalah. Bank Alfalah customers don’t need to deposit any security amount for the connection, zero activation charges and their bills are auto debited to Bank Alfalah Credit Card. Can any other cellular company offer this set of eases?

  • I think before launching all packages by the operators, they should seek the approval from govt/pta. and main objective should be to facilitate the peoples.

  • I have heard rumors that major portion of etsilat’s investment in PTCL also has some big chunks from Dhabi group ( Warid). Is that true? But if this was the case then warid could also throw the same kind of packages…..If any one can answer this.

  • you people are depriving us from such a nice package by raising stupid questions. if we are getting this package at low price what is pinching u in it? Other cellular companies are not offering calls to vfone or ptcl either. so if u r not using it than at least don,t criticize it. Many like me are benefiting from it.

  • Yaar baqi companies bhi to facilitate kar rahi han apnay customers ko, like Mobilink to Infinity calls k rates kam hain, Es hi tarha i think wateen to warid bhi kuch discount hai to agar Ufone ne PTCL per discount diya to esm ekonsi bari baat hai, farq sirf subscribers ka hai k PTCL k subscribers ziada han as compare to wateen / infinity.

  • What is the hidden gimmick in this Ufone package.. ??
    Daily charges ? and what is the charges on usage that they mentioned ..

    how much approx will they charge including all the hidden charges .

  • i have problem with Ufone that they deduct some times my whole card, many time when i load my ufone card and after some time when i checked the balance, that was finished. most of the balance i think is used for u tunnes, which i have not opted for.

  • well vfone, ptcl and ufone is one family. they are give benefit to public within their resources. and its very good. i like it.
    same way telenor has its setup in more than 14 countries so y not telenor offer mobile to mobile local call with telenor family around the globe?
    if telenor uses its full resources i wud applaud it too like i admire ufone.

  • Ufone is the best network in pakisatan,it have not only good packages but also it’s voice quality is better and have good costumer relations

  • Dear Aamir

    Its seems there is confusion in your mind. This is business where one use the tactics and strategy on the basis of muscles like financial, network etc.

    We are living in the world where many companies re BUNDELED where as this offer is from a Family comopany who Owns PTCL, UFONE, V-Fone….

    How you will comment for continously 6-7 years after deregulation of Telecom industry PTCL is restricted for not reducingthe proices by the PTA and so called Private/professional organisation…

    Wait for the series of offers to come…Its just a start and teaser..DAM HEY TO MUQABLA KARO…

    Amir, Last but not the least we should be rationale, logical and comment as per business appraoch and acument becuase these all orgaisations are Commercial and they have to lookafter their intesrt. In this way customers also do get the benefit.


    Naval Vaswani

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