Get Commission for Unlimited Time by Bringing Ufone Customers

referral_MarketingUfone is going to introduce this referral marketing system, through which you will be able to earn 1.5 percent commission of all the money your referrers will spend, on monthly basis.

Let’s put it this way, when an existing subscriber of Ufone convinces any of his/her friends or family members to join the Ufone network, their cell phone numbers will get linked together. Once this binding has taken place, the inviter will gain 1.5 percent as commission, in shape of on-net free minutes, whenever the invitee performs any revenue generating activity.

For example, if you brought a customer to Ufone network, he/she will be linked with your number. If he/she spends 1000 Rupees in first month, you will be given air time of Rs. 15 as commission.

Similarly, if another of your referrer spends 2000 Rupees in one month, you will credited with 30 Rupees in your account.

Campaign is called Member Get Member and it is surly going to give a new dimension to sales and revenue generation streams of Ufone. However, i believe commission is too low, keeping in the view the global standards for referral commission. It isn’t like that this commission structure won’t work, but to get the best out of system, commission could be set as high as 10 percent if not 20 or 25 percent.

Looks its a pilot project, and may get enhanced with time.

Here are rules

  • You need to be an existing Ufone customer to earn commissions
  • You will get 10 free on-net minutes, to be used in 3 days
  • Commissions will be credited on monthly basis, and it is for unlimited time –as far as your invitee uses Ufone number
  • You can introduce maximum of 10 customers

The product is designed for two levels of the inviter-invitee relationship. Each inviter can bring-in 10 invitees. This means that ‘Sub A’ (inviter) can bring-in 10 ‘Sub B’ (invitees), and each ‘Sub B’ can bring-in 10 ‘Sub C’.

Note: This product isn’t official yet, but you can ask details from CSRs. It is expected that Ufone will publically announce this scheme today.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK