NADRA Chip CNICs – A New Technology soon coming your way

Technology is on its way, nobody knows where it will land but it is really serving humanity at its apex. Introduction of latest technology, equipments in every walk of life has enabled the mankind to save a lot of time, money, hitches and in some way security matters. Yes it is the time when it is about to bring in a big revolution in Pakistan as NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has just announced to introduce Chip-National Identity Card. This is a fully new technology to Pakistan as it is being said that old cards will be replaced by these new CHIP-CNIC. Up till now it seems to be a really very good project regarding both the data processing and security.

According to NADRA, the soul purpose of this CHIP-CNIC is to identify the terrorists as it will help them to have fool proof security and identification which will really help in terrorism control activities. Six engineers have been trained in France for IT who will assist in this project in Pakistan. This chip is thought to be a blessing in security purpose as it will also be able to help security agencies regarding identification issues.

Further details and its features are still pending and will be published as we come across, meanwhile NADRA says, this chip costs around $4 to $5 abroad and it is aimed to provide this in Pakistan at much cheaper rates, around 80PKR. It is an electronic chip, connected to security mains and will have complete bio data of a respective person. This chip will firstly be issued to deportees and later on all existing NICs will be replaced by this new Chip-CNIC.

This Chip-CNIC is a big step towards getting rid of identity theft as in previous days it had become really easy to duplicate or make a fake copy of NIC and to misuse it but it will be almost impossible to fake it or to by-pass this security – yet nothing is impossible.

This is all for now, we will update you as soon as we get more details about this.

  • Pakistan is blessed with very good tech. people and the cost of implementation is very low as compared to other countries.
    The only thing needed is strong will to implement.
    RFID for the cars could also be implemented and the car theft could be reduced, hope it is done soon.

  • jaa na, aur sun
    idhar logon nay abhi tak CNIC (computerized national identity card) nahi banaye aur ye chip bananay chalay hain….

    aagay chore aur peechay dore….

    • Whats wrong in it, they will directly shift to the elec-chip card new cards. Yup also must have a mechanism to force all people to get the new cards.

      And for some people its kinna there, as you cant have bank account and registrations on lots of private and public service companies to purchase their services without latest valid NIC card.

    • Munnay agar kisi ka CNIC naheen bana tow yeh NADRA ka naheen us ka kasoor haym aur tumharay jaisay hi log hotay hain jo Pakistan ki tarraqi say jealous hain inspired by foreign.
      Agar apnay mulk main koi acha kaaam ho tow try to appreciate not to criticize.

  • well…is there any time limit ? i mean when this process would be completed , any time frame set for this mega project?

    • Yes, The project will start in 2010 and expected to be completed in 2030. Just like migration from old NICs to CNICs. ;)

  • That sounds very advanced. But dont you people think that by installing such systems, the state will be able to monitor daily activities of all its citizens?

    The notion of pricacy will be no more. There will always be some one watching your actions.

    I agree that the benfits of the systems sound promising but, and thats a big BUT.
    who is gonna ensure that this system is not misused at all?
    Who will bell the cat?

  • We are all doing this at the behest of America. All the technology and machines are provided by the American government. In return, we give them sensitive data of citizens.

    • Agree with Munir Abbasi and Munaeem Jamal.

      This is good for ourself to have the all citizens data with Government. But who guarantee that this data will be keep in good hand.

      As in Pakistan, this things is useful for Top Gangster, they pay and get the record of any person. e.g, USA and internal political people.

      This is what gonna happen again.


  • I am totally agreed with Munir Abbasi.
    And by the way look at the people who will monitor us…..!!!
    God bless our country!

  • So their all stupid technologies are going to be tested in Pakistan. First Drones Now Chips as identity. Who will check the identity by the way when NADRA Network is down? Will they stop our life in one single click?
    Search about these chips on google by the way along with the name of David Rockfeller.

  • Do u know who is the supposer of NADRA ??????



    Strange na. Our personal and confidential data is uploaded in America daily.

    So please make sure who and why it is going to be

  • Nice initiative. Its good we’re going hi tech. We need it to get rid of the crazy taliban and other fake usages.

  • these guys are talking about chip cards, they cant even give facilities to people what they really deserve and they talking to brought chip cards in pakistan. what a crap, they cant even update their data, i got my CNIC with wrong year of birth infact my year of birth is not mentioned on CNIC, 2 times i return my card and got it back with same missing field, each time i paid the fee i submited my old card and what happenen in third time,,, they just blocked my card, and only i know how i get it back after the shi**y police inquiery, submitting my complete educational certificates, someother evidence of my nationality, and can you believe what? my card is still without my Year of birth. Hola at NADRA :d
    (koi to ho inko danda denay wala jo in ki ki hoi galitiyon ko theek kerway ye)
    and the Chip CNIC,, another way to get KHAABA from govt,

  • This is good but why i should give anyone my ALL BIO DATA?

    Seconldy what if it goes to wrong hand? That person will be the owner of all my info

  • Don’t be happy. after this you people will be easily tracked by americans where you are and in future they will sensor your activities what you have talked and later on this you will be tubed that what you have done in your daily life.

    Mister where you are going. Keep away from this and boycott the technology

  • This is Orwellian nightmare, with this technology no one would have any privacy, they can track anyone at any time. It will turn us into a Big Brother society. I strongly suggest we say no to such measures that they impose on us in the name of ‘security’ to enslave us.

  • Hahaha! Wow.. We will have RFID chips.. Man am wating for that day.. ;)
    Privacy? Security? What’s that? Just bring them in and we will see :)
    (atleast I won’t have to pay Rs. 10+tax to NADRA to find out who the guy sitting next to me is :P Lolz!)
    AM waiting for the day when Pakistan will go fully Wireless… That would a treat…
    @NADRA: You have 6 engineers and they don’t know these chips have no security? If it was such a treat why don’t other developed nations have it? Just be happy with what you have.

    • @ Rameez
      Developed nations are also going to start chip cards for there citizens just to keep fraud illegal people away from there fake nationality cards.
      Currently, UK has introduced a Chip ID card for there citizens, there process will start in later 2009 and soon in few years upto 2012 the chip ID cards will be available to there all legal citizens.
      Hope it answers best. Moreover these chip cards will also implement on Europe & America.

      • @ Ali
        This is what the New World Order wants, surveillance on the entire population of the planet, this is where they are heading with this

      • I admire your knowlege ALI..
        RFID usegae dates back to 1934. First RFID passports issued in 1998, guess where? Malaysia.
        Since November 1, 2007 all german passports contain a RFID chip with the finger print information.
        U.S usses them estimated 13Million passports issued with tags.
        BUT Security, security is the risk. You have sensible information, just searh google and you’ll know how devestating it can be.
        Example: you can answer 10 questions in 1 minute. you are programmed to answer everyone. I ask you 10000 questions in one minute. What would happen to you? You just crash. Ta Dan… ;)

  • @ASIF:
    People built GPS others built satellite jamming devices. Its just gonna make our lives more complex but somehow poeple will bypass it. Limited poeple.


  • this technology is already being used in DRONES ATTACKS,
    where the SPYs of Americans first find thier victim’s houses/barracks/settlements in FATA/Waziristan/Norther Areas etc,
    then those SPYs PLACE/FIX the small chips near the target location according to the plan,
    and inform back to thier high Command(of course US-Arms)
    & then a DRONE plane comes near that targeted area by listening the coded signals coming from that chip planted, and with in no time it hits the whole locality with killing one or few so called millitant rather many innocent people in every attack ( for which already PAID to government officails to no to speak about the identifications of victims)….

    this is a specific case of using chip cards, that has been now introduced on a large scale so that any one can be on hit list if become trouble for the WARLORDS……( I think u got it)

  • No. Before the rise of Antichrist this step is very necessary. What i think, U,S will use this data in their specialized Programs, perhaps which will run in 2012, by DARPA, AI Program.
    We will be baptized in some Way for Dajjal, hence the Dajjal will have access to everybody, i mean his forces.
    Most peoples have attached somewhat “terrorists” notion to this subject, but believe me the next step of Pak government will be to implant RFID Chips in human bodies, this is what going on in U.S.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, how many of you are ready to be baptized yourselves for False Messiah?
    For more information please refer to “youtube” there is already a lot of stuff present there.

  • i remember, when mohtrama benazir bhutto, gave concept of today’s NADRA, and wanted to computerised all the manual CNIC issued pakistani. At that time some political parties, and ouur army opposed that concept, and showed their concerns that, by doing this privacy of pakistani citizenn will b compromised.
    But in parvaiz mushraf’s tenure it was decided to establish a orgnization, which should be run by headed by army officers. Now NADRA seems to b a backbone of pakistan. Now OUR ARMY, BANKS, TELCOMUNICATION COMPANIES AND GOVT ITSELF is ENJOYING THE NADRA’S DATABASE. Which is very essencial for many govt. Department.
    So i think we should not oppose the advancement of technology, because no body can stop this change.

  • Good step towards future technology. But can propakistani ask Nadra to justify the cost of one card they are charging ? Why one should pay Rs. 1500/- for a card which is hardly worth about Rs. 500/-. I am a smart card professional and know smart cards very well.

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