NADRA Chip CNICs – A New Technology soon coming your way

Technology is on its way, nobody knows where it will land but it is really serving humanity at its apex. Introduction of latest technology, equipments in every walk of life has enabled the mankind to save a lot of time, money, hitches and in some way security matters. Yes it is the time when it is about to bring in a big revolution in Pakistan as NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has just announced to introduce Chip-National Identity Card. This is a fully new technology to Pakistan as it is being said that old cards will be replaced by these new CHIP-CNIC. Up till now it seems to be a really very good project regarding both the data processing and security.

According to NADRA, the soul purpose of this CHIP-CNIC is to identify the terrorists as it will help them to have fool proof security and identification which will really help in terrorism control activities. Six engineers have been trained in France for IT who will assist in this project in Pakistan. This chip is thought to be a blessing in security purpose as it will also be able to help security agencies regarding identification issues.

Further details and its features are still pending and will be published as we come across, meanwhile NADRA says, this chip costs around $4 to $5 abroad and it is aimed to provide this in Pakistan at much cheaper rates, around 80PKR. It is an electronic chip, connected to security mains and will have complete bio data of a respective person. This chip will firstly be issued to deportees and later on all existing NICs will be replaced by this new Chip-CNIC.

This Chip-CNIC is a big step towards getting rid of identity theft as in previous days it had become really easy to duplicate or make a fake copy of NIC and to misuse it but it will be almost impossible to fake it or to by-pass this security – yet nothing is impossible.

This is all for now, we will update you as soon as we get more details about this.