Tower Sharing Company 'Towers & Co.' Being Established

Orascom is planning to establish a company for tower and infrastructure sharing in Pakistan, as told by the sources close to the scenario.

“Towers & Co.”, this is likely to be the name of the company, will start with Telenor and Mobilink, as we earlier reported that they are working jointly for 3G implementation.

Towers & Co. is reportedly a brain child of Zouhair A Khaliq, ex CEO of Mobilink and current CEO of Oracap. Zouhair, back when he was heading Mobilink, had thought of such a company that will deploy towers and offer them to multiple companies for their network, further commented the source.

Idea has got matured now and expectedly Zouhair A Khaliq will be the CEO of Towers & Co.

It merits mentioning here that there was a company established in India with similar intentions. The idea behind such companies is that a third party infrastructure provider makes it easy and comprehendible to share towers between two or more operators, than the operators sharing their towers with competition.

With tightening economy, Zouhair’s vision depicted the exact picture and floated the idea which will be the demand of the industry in the coming days.

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