Ufone Responds to Telenor, lil Aggressively

Ufone_Super_Ghanta_Offer_24_HoursWe had reported that Telenor Approached PTA against Ufone’s Super Ghanta Offer, but apparently this ignited Ufone and instead of calming down it extended Super Ghanta offer from 13 hours (4 AM to 5 PM) to 24 hours, meaning that Ufone customers with this offer can make round the clock hourly calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers at Rs. 3.50 plus tax (and with daily rental).

This counter attack by Ufone is not limited to this move only, as Ufone actually started advertising its rates as 6 Paisa Per minute, to shot down Telenor’s 10 Paisa Per min promotion.

So let’s see where this one to one war will end, we are yet to see Telenor’s move, however it looks extremely tough for Telenor to produce a shocker in this situation.

Looks like customers are enjoying this tussle and they are getting more than what was expected. On the other hand, Ufone is using its non-SMP status and offering the most it can.

Details of Ufone’s Super Ghanta Offer are given here.

Update 2: PTA Questions Ufone Regarding Super Ghanta Offer

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  • but aamir ufone’s super ghanta offer for 24 hours is only for ramazan. after that it will revert back to old timings. this is also mentioned there.

  • ufone is giving benefit to customers but its also playing BAD monopoly as only they can offer ghanta offer on PTCL numbers which i think is wrong.

    Ufon is a Pak company and Telenor has invested in Pak, with these type of cheap games of monopoly i am afraid that will lose of foreign companies interest and TRUST.

    If you have chance to see indian ads of telecom, they never ever target other operators… this is a very childish thing and only Telenor and Warid are away from these idiot things…

    Worst Target ad makers are:

    1) Ufone
    2) Zong
    3) Mobilink

    • well ufone is offering within its resources. ufone says ufone, vfone and ptcl is one family and its seems logical and rational.

      telenor and warid can compete with ufone. telenor has its telecommunication setups in more than 14 countries so y not telenor offers mobile to mobile local call? and y not warid offers local call with Middle East?

    • ______ kekekekeke ;p v funny dude, ufone ye cheap herkatien ker k kamaye ga to kya kamaye ga ;p, telenor phir b 2nd number pe market share rakhta hy jani or telenor ka koi b user (UFONE) ki tarah message send honay k intezar main nahi betha rehta kekeke :p chill Munna, jadu ki topi sirf adverts mey he chalti hy bUs ;) ..

      ((aamir bhai comment ko janay doooooooo plz))

      [Comment edited]

  • The trend of targeting companies/ brands is probably in India as well, i remember one ad of india in which “Complan” is directly hitting “Horlicks” not only by showing the bottle but the lady of using the name of the brand as well. So if this is happening in Pakistan so nothing to worry :)..

  • ufone is the best, v should _____ telenor from pak. or it must b buyed by some other foreign investor company

    [Comment Edited]

  • it seems difficult to compete with ufone as ufone holds shares in ptcl. PTA is sitting quiet as other operators are drowning.
    Already the call rates were at rock bottom, I cant believe wts going on out there

  • Plz STOP this Nonsense.. Why u People Blaming & Saying BAD Words against Ufone..??
    Ufone is Offering what People Needs..
    The Problem here is, Everyone get aside of their own Networks.. That’s Y people abroad Luagh at us..
    PLZ Be Realistic & Praise Good Offerings..


  • Well i really thinks that it is time that certain measures should be taken. From the selling price of sim card to packages everything should be standarized to an extent.and i really dont think that telecom sector can survive that long if things keep on going the way they are.

  • Ufone tum he to hoooo
    its all about U
    i am always looking for new promos from Ufone, they realy touches ppl hearts.
    free min, free sms on new connection was too gud and now they come up with SIM lagao promo for those wh are not using from long time…..
    jeo Ufone, tum awaz hoo, umeed ho hum sub kee….
    proud to be pakistani and love to use pakistani products and services, atlast its all about us.

  • I will recommend Telenor to go to “Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP)” the only authority which has mandate for healthy competition in the country and very recently CCP has got very appreciation when it took action against cartelization of cement factories. I hope Telenor will get an instant relieve from CCP. Moreoever there are lots of problem at even PTA and PTCL end which can only be handeled through CCP. In my opinion PTA is biased towards PTCL.

  • To gain the customers is not a win in this game but to retain the customers is a real victory in this game. Companies can attract or gain the customers by such limited times offers but they can not retain them. Low (permenent) call rates, better network coverage and qulity, plus excellent customer services can be helpful in winning customr’s loyalty. A Loyal customer is a real asset for any operator.

  • Dear Khalil

    Youe example of CCP action against Cement Industry is irrelevant ..That was CARTELIZATION…this is cometition

    Both are different things. CARTELISATION is only for a group or people who care only for themselves where as competion brigs the bouque of benefits for customers

    Ather Saeed…I agree with you for loyal customer phillospohy but dear LOYALTY and BRANDS are loosing the life since the SACHET industry has taken place…With Price war

    I am really surprised with the comments of Visitors…This can not be visitors and customers but the paid employee or campaign group who are adovocating the action by PTA , CCP etc .I simply ask one question when all these companies were doing than it was right but when UFONE is doing than they have just placed the leg on the tail…

  • guys and ladies,
    all the competitions in business which bring the cost lower for the consumer are considered as “healthy competitions”. So let these go on.

    If telenor want to get into the healthy competition it can further lower the occurring costs or get aside like instaphone or warid.

    We the customers, need to focus on the best prices we are getting in this competition. I suggest, Government of Pakistan should further invite other telecom companies to start business in Pakistan and keep this competition going on for the betterment of us.

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