Rumor: PTCL to Double DSL Speed

Guest Post by Umair Aslam

A rumor had been in the air that PTCL may Double the speeds of existing customer and give Double Speed Internet connections for the same amount as their slower counterpart.

Although this looks like a rumor as it looks sanely impossible that a company may upgrade its services twice while keeping the margins and cost constant as we all remember the Go Broadband campaign from PTCL (almost 6 months back) through which PTCL gave double speeds for the same price to all its customers.

Still we are confirming this news as a sources from PTCL told us that they are very busy in upgrading the services and infrastructure to give new higher and better speeds at the same price. This network up-gradation is already being reported by several newspapers.

leading on from this everyone using 1 mb services will be getting 2 mb bandwidth and 2 mb will be upgraded to 4 mb at the same price.

We can only welcome this move and give our salutations to PTCL. This Service up-gradation will go step by step (exchange by exchange like before) and looks like its being set up for a huge launch on Eid day as an Eidi Gift for All Pakistani people.

On other side, we are sad for other broadband companies of Pakistan, as they will have to suffer if this rumor turns true.

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  • its going to be a huge broadband boom if this ll happen….broadband ll be da most common thing if they ll offer 2 mb just for 300rs..!

    but what about dos who are using evdo?

  • THE Rumor is true that ptcl is offering 1 mb for 300 rs but this promotion is for the ruler areas…
    the promotion is going for 3 months that you have to pay 300 rs but didn’t heard from anyone about the upgrade..

  • it is good if ptcl doubles its speed for existing customers but @ a price of 300/month it doesnt seem logical!it will destroy the whole market & customer balance will fastly switch towards ptcl which is not healthy for other players in the market!

  • PTCL must be managing its margins … that is how other companies should also manage their margins .. although i understand the small companies with a small user base being in danger … but companies like wateen who have industries of scale due to a user quantity of 100,000 which is just near to the broadband users of PTCL … they have not given any such deals and are charging higher than should be expected in this region. I always say adam smiths law of invisible hand is the best… it makes industries efficient … and if they dont do as required .. u can understand the rest urself :P

  • oh yes, its right.. PTCL going to upgrade all customers, now PTCL upgrading all exchanges to maximum 6 MB bandwith,

    so 1 mb customer move to 2 mb,
    2 mb customer move to 4 mb,
    and 4 mb customer move to 6 mb bandwith,

    PTCL anouncing this news on EID day, but i dont know how they can manage, because only 40 to 35 % exchange move to 6 MB bandwith on copper lines..

  • I think this rumour is correct , bcoz from the last 15 days i am getting 175 KB/sec downloading speed on 1 mbps ptcl connection

  • I don’t care if they double the speed or tripple the speed, but they must provide fiber optic first on all the lines.

  • Well i wont ever be the customer of PTCL as i dont reside in pakistan, but i hev seen some trends here in the US along the same lines, companies offer the upgrades for the same price for a limited time like for 3 months to the existing customers and after 3 months if you want to keep the upgraded service then they charge you the higher and new price, or the companies ask you sign a new contract like for 18 months, and offer you the same price. And if someone breaks the contract then they have to pay the amounts that they have saved, or their credit is ruined. So their must be some catch here for ptcl, for sure. They would give the lower introductory price for sometime and when the people will get addicted to the better and upgraded service, they will be willing to pay the asking price. :)

  • no ugrade bros there is nothing on the list of ptcl
    there are many exchanges left for the upgrade from copper to can say that about 70% or even more to be upgraded to fiber…there infrastructure is so pathetic that it can’t even hold 1 mb connections on the current scenario and you people think they can upgrade with the same infrastructure to a minimum of 2 mb bandwidth come on man wake up ….those who have copper just know what i am talking about so wake up from the dreams there is no upgrade…

  • Pehlay wali services to samhali nahi jati, 1MBPS pe 128kpbs ki speed day rahay hain.
    Inka sirf naam hi hota hai upgradation ka, Even big cities mei bhi complete coverage nahi hai-Blah Blah Poeple(PTCL Management)!

  • I think the Rumor is pretty much True. i have a friend working in PTCL who said that they will be upgrading DSL user speeds.

  • About those people who complain about not getting max speeds here are some minor things they can do to achieve full speed provided that their line is clear (Not Noisy). 1st make sure that your Phone socket, Splitter and ADSL modem are all located in the same room with 1 to 2 metre of wire between them. 2nd Open the phone socket on the wall an rub the wire joints with sand paper (1 Number wala).This is because carbon accumulates on the wire causing signal degradation. i have tried it and am getin full speed. Hope this Helps

  • Yar yeh rumor true lagti hay kuin keh meray ghar kay kareeb almost 2 or 3 weeks say ptcl walay nai lines dall rahay hien aur jo phone connections wala ptcl ka box hota hay uss mei bhi kuch kaam kar rahay hien.

  • okays the news is this
    My friend got a call from one of the ptcl guys and he offered him to double his bandwidth FREE if he wants only for one month i.e. if he subscribes in Ramzan then the bandwidth will be doubled for no price(i.e. from 1Mbps to 2Mbps) for one month only n he’ll have to pay the price of 1Mbps…. and and after that he’ll have to pay for 2Mbps lolz….
    I think that should clear things now about this rumor.

  • I guess it’s the name of their new package that created the confusion about doubling up of bandwidth…here’s the press release issue by ptcl:

    PTCL Introduces Double-Up Unlimited Package
    September 19, 2009

    ISLAMABAD: PTCL, Pakistan’s largest fixed line telecommunications company, reinforcing its commitment to make communication more affordable for its valued customers has announced to launch the exhilarating and most exciting Double-up Unlimited Package on the special occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

    PTCL’s Double-Up Unlimited offers subscribers unlimited on-net local & NWD calls (PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone) along with unlimited download, DSL broadband service at amazingly affordable fixed monthly charge.

    PTCL, SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed said “This package is based on our unique position in the telecom market as the only fixed line operator with nationwide presence and being the largest and fully integrated broadband network of Pakistan.”

    “We are confident that with the launch of this package, we will be able to bring a new dimension to offering converged telecom services in Pakistan.”

    According to details, PTCL’s Double-Up Unlimited Package offers unlimited On-net calls & 1Mbps broadband connectivity with unlimited downloads against a fixed monthly charge of Rs.1999/- only, it also offers unlimited on-net calls & 2Mbps broadband connectivity with unlimited downloads for Rs. 2,999 only, while unlimited on-net calls & 4 Mbps connectivity with unlimited downloads only for Rs. 5,999 as a fixed monthly charge.

    All off-net calls (local, NWD, Mobile and International) & other services will be charged as per the existing tariff. This will be an opt-in package with subscription through PTCL’s helpline and only residential customers with PTCL landline and broadband DSL service will be eligible to subscribe this package.

  • Yar,
    last month I subscribed for 1MB, after couple of days my ADSL speed changed from 1MB to 4MB, This week, I declined to 2MB, it seems that PTCl have doubled the bandwidth, So they changed my connection from 1Mb to 2MB (Unfortunately, My speed declined from 4MB to 2MB).

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