Mobilink Takes Back Daily SMS Bundle (yes again)

So here is the situation, Mobilink has taken back daily SMS package (which offered 500 SMS per day), as reported by ProPakistani readers. This is the second time Mobilink has taken back daily SMS package, which happens to be the favorite VAS for the customers.

Our readers are reporting that SMS bundle offer is missing on 121 feature menu.

By the way Mobilink’s website is still displaying the offer with glory (check here).

So guys, time to plan now.

Just a side note, I have been trying to call Mobilink helpline for last 3 hours – but no one is taking the call, maybe power outage or don’t know, but that’s un-comprehendible. In such a situation, it can be a temporary system error – as we couldn’t confirm it officially. However, as of now – Daily SMS Package is surly not available with Mobilink.

Update: Just got a confirmation from a source at Mobilik Call center, that Daily SMS bundle has been taken back.

Update: Mobilink Daily SMS Bundle Offer is back

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  • In my case when i called to the call center after waiting for 32 minutes the guy picked up and said “je bolain” this is the way a call center guy is responding the call. According to him the package was LIMITED TIME OFFER thats y the offer is now ended :)) .. by the way all such kind of offers are for limited time on other networks as well but they continue to run months and months .. i think mobilink need to change their slogan “Quality , service aur rates pe no samjhota ” bcuz at mobilink customers has to do samjhota in terms of rates

  • Hi Guys,

    It’s really very bad impression by Mobilink Jazz. Without any notification they again stop their sms services. I think they can’t control and run SMS services. I am using JAZZ since 2001 and Now i am planning to move my line to Telenor.

  • They are themselves taking the path to self-destruction. Such acts do not inspire confidence at all. Even though they bought off Ali Zafar and tried to present themselves as a new, improved service for the younger generation, but after such acts, they have no one else to blame if they’re losing market share.

  • have a look on my comment here

    Stranger says:
    August 6, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    mobilink is famous for it’s hypocrisy, i know what they did last time, introducing daily sms package for Rs 2.78 and after one week, they just changed their policy. i am not gonna believe it’s terms and conditions any more…
    warid GLOW is going cool these days and i am happy with it.
    take care guys and have a nice time

    i told you in advance Aamir

  • Muje to samj nhe aati k log Dokhilink qyun use krte hain.. Ap is k slogan ko samjte q nhe wo khte hain..

    ” Dokhe bazi pe no Samjota”

    Sb log is ki SIMs ko ya to bnd kr dair ya port kr lain. Phr ye khud hi seede raste pr a jye gi. Wrna ye aise hi apne customer se dokha krti rhe gi.

  • Beside that mobilink is acting funny doing stuff like this ,on the other side , the mobilink user in swat are not able to make or recieve call on 1st attempt ,one will have to lost 2 to 3 calls then by luck the call connects,i am not sure that this problem is only with user in swat or country wide.. but asa whole mobilink is going down and down…..

  • Yah the same problem of voice calls in all distt attock i cal help line two months ago bt still ths is stil going on

  • I think mobilink ne apne sms ke service band kar de hai aur mai to sms ke bagher rah nahi sakti iss liye maine temp Telenor use karna shuru kia hai.. but i love mobilink Jazz

    Please aap sab se request hai ke ager iss feature ke bare mai yani ye kab resume hogi to plz mujhe zaror inform karain onmy no or email

  • mow you are bound to use telenor services for at least 60days, according to PTA rules!

    whenever you leave your network and port in to some other network then you have to stay there for minimum 60days!

    have a good time there, but why did you chose such a 3rd class network after mobilink?

  • This greedy company has deliberately taken back the sms package to gain more revenue as now on eid everyone will be sending greeting messages.
    Unethical move by mobilink. I hate mobilink.

  • mobilink is always in the forefront of looting and deceiving its stopped its bundles so that it could mint money over eid.looking at mobilink,telenor has also followed this practice now.stop looting ppl and making billions off ur customers Mobilink!!!

  • I have been using Mobilink for 9 years i guess but seriously after Eid i will be buying a ufone sim and will keep that for my major use. i might not end mobilink connection but wont use it for making calls or sending sms it too clostly too costly now for me when others are offering better packages.

  • hi!
    Mobilink is a famous telecom company, But i think they always Discourged his customers. Daily SMS is more fimiliar package than others But Proove that Ha Ha Ha LIMITED.(^_^)

  • Yes it Mobilink has taken back its daily sms bundle without prior notice, i cannot understand what type of competition Mobilink is pursuing? Have a look at your rival cellular companies which are still committed to offer alluring sms bundles like Ufone,Zong,and Telenor,of course.
    Such dualism might play havoc with the perspective goals of Mobilink.My humble request is to reinstate the sms bundle as early as possible to avoid massive switch over of customers.

  • Budget SMS Package of Mobilink Jazz .. starting again on 24th September 2009. Don’t worry people, Mobilink is back in action :)

    It was suspended temporarily just like Telenor to keep the load on the network minimum during Eid.

  • Mobilink jazz belkul bakwas hay,when they introduced unlimited sms package,i ported my telenor no to jazzzzzz but suddenlly they stopped the package,and i had to use there bad services for two months.But now i am using Ufone,coz ufone is the best.
    I think we should not trust on jazz,they can stop there packages any time.

  • one only Ufone no package will be back her package per clearly mention limited or unlimited no package change requirement to get the sms mms or any other budle offer………..
    but one thing is bad in it that k ULOAN…

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