SMS Vs Roti – Price Comparison

Here is a comparison of Prices (for Pakistan) – table tells it all..!

Roti (bread)
PKR 2.50
PKR 0.23
PKR 0.10

Via Defence.PK

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  • Roti is for rs.2 not for rs.7 ?

  • njm

    sms prices in 2009 using sms bundle packages is as low as Rs.0.01 instead of just 0.10.

  • raheel

    2009 SMS is for PKR 0.01( 7rs=700 sms)

  • Altaf

    Roti is for Rs 5-7 in Islamabad. In Punjab it’s for 2 due to Punjab Govt subsidy.

    nice article, I hope it’ll open eyes of the govt!

  • Khurram Zahid

    very true…

  • To win the race of competition, telecom operators have gone way far in the price war and this is what we get in result.
    Such packages have also effected the network quality and for the same reasons they now have to cut on these packages on high usage days during Eid.

  • Alam

    Nice review.

  • Suhaib Malik

    @ PTCL DSL roti is for Rs.2 only in Punjab. we are having at Rs.7 to 8 here in Karachi :))

  • aslan

    In peshawar the roti price is 7.

  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    What is the logic of the comparison? Roti an Sms are not subtitutes to each other, whats the point? BTW it is a proven fact that technology gets cheaper as the time passes and food items get expensive.

  • Asim Kh

    There should be a donation scheme for sending rooti by sms… well its so pity for people to get cheap sms and expensive roti.

    In past years pakistan got good development in telecommunication and its proving you here but the main question for all of us i.e

    People can survive eating by roti or sms?
    if roti is so important why its expensive then sms
    and how come telecommunication industry able to make so cheap sms while getting high salaries.

  • Brr

    Had Abu Asma or Unknown taken this article, they would have taken good star ratings.
    Nice scoop Aamir!

  • Brr

    Any idea how to subscribe to

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

      Don’t you see Register link there. :?

  • Abubakar Riaz

    3rs Roti in lahore thou

  • Abdul Qudoos

    dont know what happend…. everyone is posting/sms the smae thing….

  • Fakhre alam

    In mardan roti is for 10 .

  • Annas

    yar woh 2rs wali roti bhi har jaga nai milti punjab mei.
    Unn kay special tandoor hien par kabhi woh roti dekho tu toba kero khanay kay kabil nai hoti.
    Iss liya pindi mei bhi roti 5 say 6 rs tak ki hay.

  • Waseem Raja

    In RWP, Roti is for Rs5/-

    Never paid above that.

    If its problem, get a bread (not a NAN choice but affordable)