Employees Suffering due to Huawei’s Unfulfilled Promises

Huawei has not paid bonus, annual leaves encashment and other benefits to Mr. Jehanzeb Taj, who was Manager HR at the company last year.

We had covered a comprehensive story over the topic, however, Huawei has still not paid a single penny to Mr. Jehanzeb despite promises from senior management at the company. Mr. Taj has sent the company a legal notice for his illegal termination and huge losses to him due to Huawei.

In a letter published in a Islamabad based English Magazine ‘Solidarity’, Mr. Jehanzeb has produced email communication between him and Huawei officials.

Solidarity Magazine narrates Mr. Jehanzeb’s letter as following

I seek your support for including my grievance letter against HUAWEI for not fulfilling its written commitments and promises given me to “pay bonus, annual leaves encashment and other benefits due to be paid in return of my service”.

They wasted my valuable time, damaged my career, and shattered my confidence on written assurance and caused financial disorder to me. I want to quote their promises made with me through email, for the respectable readers so that everyone must know and also share with their close ones about HUAWEI as a company.

Following are the scans of Emails, and are re-produced as they were published in Solidarity Magazine.


The bonus has been paid in Jul 2009 to all employees but my valuable contributions have been ignored and Aug 2009 has also passed but company’s promises are still not fulfilled. I let the readers and concerned officials to decide and intervene to enable me have my legal benefits and rights, also committed in words by Huawei’s management.

Actually this has become the culture of Huawei to promise verbally and in writing where the employee demands his/her rights and benefits.

Similarly, promises made at the start for salary, probation period, promotion, employment contract type and other benefits are altered when an employee resigns from his/her previous job and joins Huawei, and employees are left with no choice other than frustration and de-motivation.

Muhammad Taj Rasool Jehanzeb
HR Manager of Huawei Pakistan

We tried to contact Huawei’s PR department for their viewpoint over the issue, but we didn’t get any response.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Hi,

    My name is Khuram Shehzad and I am one of the Huawei’s pioneer in Pakistan, I started working with Huawei since 1999 and manage all administration very well and I finished my work with Huawei in 2004 and so far I am still waiting for my Experience Letter which I haven’t received but have been told many times you will get it… Huawei never regards to its employees. This is very bad.

  • I think there are so many un-told stories about Huawei and we should expose the real face of such organisations who deceive our fellow men and dont pay them accordingly for their contributions and hard work.

    One can not simply think of it as the things are in writing and nothing left behind to reach for truth. I think everyone should contribute by mentioning their experience with Huawei to create awareness and guidance for employees who are thinking to join this company…

  • I’m working for Huawei currently on the otherside of the globe not in Asian Region. I’m sure top level management is not aware of what happen to Jehanzeb, only mid level management knows about the story. And payment in Huawei is always a problem, i think all the newly employed staff should be aware of Huawei’s recruitment policy very well. Everything should be well written no verbal committment should be trusted from any Huawei management. There should be massive restructure in Huawei HR policy and even many places in the world Huawei Employee stay without a working visa illegally, they work without any work permit, i should say. And the upper management of Huawei is not aware of it.

  • Same situation here in Europe, happened to me couple of years when I was working for them. Didn’t get a single cent of Bonus + Leave + Training fees not even expenses.
    The biggest mistake in my life was to work for them. U’ll get no insurance.

  • They devide everthying into a chinese staff and local staff..so called local staff are treated like a 2nd category staff in any offices…

  • what a misery for a nation which can not protect its citizens and enforcing the framework setforth for MNCs. through |security and eschange comission of Pakistan|.

  • helo… we need help…u know my friend working in huawie company as driver. but 3 chinese beat him very bad. He is in hospital. Police came and huawei company ceo gave us 1 lac Rs to not contact with police. He is very poor man. but a pakistani officer is threating us to give 40 thousand Rs from that money. otherwise he will ask police to arrest us and said we stole company money. Please help…….

  • i have worked for huawei more than 1 year and done a lot of project about my performance every one know during my duty i not get any bonus, any increment but atleast till i am fighting for my rigt Travelling allowance i have touch with HR, Admin and my supevisor months ago but they even not giving reply of my mail and also not giving me solution kindly if you help me so ok other wise i am reporting to pakistan ministry of labour.
    i left huawei on 1st april and that time my total expnace pending at huawei is 96,000PKR from which 76,000PKR cleared but 20,000PKR till remaining.

    this is not the right way that some one work sincerly for company and at last company terminate or fier him i am not demanding any thing but i have worked for huawe and i will get my right from it.

    i have all their emails if you want so i will send you. this is not the right way to disturbing the employe.

    at last i want to say that we work hard for huawei but huawei destroy our future its our mistake that we work day and noght with out caring our self for huawei.

    Waqas Aslam

    • Dear Waqas Aslam, may be you have experience more than me, but I follow a rule !

      “Love your job, not love your company”.

  • Huawei Technologies Middle East Region

    Pakistan Representative Office
    PK. Doc. No. 067 ?2009? Approved by:Ye Jingyue

    Discipline Notification on Assaulting Rent A Car Driver

    In afternoon of September 5th 2009, Feng Xiaoping (00151657), department director of Pakistan Rep Office Network Technology Service Dept; Wan Canghai (005835) and Chen Zhaoxi (66945) employees of Pakistan Rep Office Network Technology Service Dept (and also Feng Xiaoping’s roommates) , suspected one rent a car driver on stealing their money thus assaulted him by causing a serious head injury. Such acts seriously violated the staff code of conduct and created an extremely bad effect on the employees. After the discussion, Management Team of Pakistan Rep office concluded to issue the internal discipline notice with penalty.

    Feng Xiaoping, as department director, was not self-disciplined and directly assaulted the driver therefore he should bear the main responsibility for the accident and will be internally criticized with the penalty of 80000/PKR, reduction of salary 3500/PKR and transfer out from original position.

    Wan Canghai, also participated in assaulting driver directly therefore he should bear the main responsibility for the accident and will be internally criticized with the penalty of 50000/PKR and transfer out from original position.

    Chen Zhaoxi did not participate in assaulting driver directly however he should be held responsible for minor accident and will be internally criticized with the penalty of 20000/PKR.

    Hope all the employees can take it as a warning and strictly obey the staff code of conduct and regulations on labor discipline. In the event of disputes, one should deal it with strict accordance according to local laws and regulations. At the same time hope that all department heads continue to strengthen supervision and provide public education to prevent similar incidents from happening.
    Pakistan Representative Office
    September 24th, 2009

    Sent to: All employees in Pakistan Representative Office

    CC: MENA Management Team, MENA HR Dept, ME Region Management Team.

  • Actually it was saturday night on sep 5 when the heavily drunk Chinese (HW employees + their Room mates) were using company car illegally and demanded poor car driver to go to local night club.

    Besides giving 1 lac Rs to the driver from which 40 thousand Rs a Pakistani senior official demands, the Huawei CEO also gave bribe to SHO of F-10 Police Station.

  • I know people dont like us Chinese but we make many money for people in Pakistan government with our nice prizes.

  • Dear All
    i was an employee of Huawei Islamabad in 2007 – 09 as a QA engineer. i also want to share my experience with you peoples who are now writing wrong against Huawei Pakistan, i know that Jahanzaib also very well and other employees, such type of peoples first do wrong with pakistan staff and guide chinese to cut there salary and many thing and when they fire from huawei after some time , they start weeping. my dear fellow Huawei is the best company in Pakistan, they pay us alot, many guys got alot of benefits from huawei, Huawei pay us room sharing, payment for work after 11 pm, DA, salary always on 30th of each month and every thing, best transportation, we Pakistanis are thief’s , ist we cant tired by polishing Chinese managers , tell them Pakistan habits weakness, and when they kick us from job they we start crying,
    i dont think Mr jahanziab have any contribution in huawei, he never talk to pakistani employee. these Hr always Cut employees salaries, when he was a Hr manager why not he mention such thing to Managment that such things r wrong, now he wake up when they kick on his…….
    i am not now employee of Huawei, but Huawei give me alot , good salary , Respect.
    and still due to huawei thousands of Pakistanis getting and running there houses very well.
    So please Huawei is not such bad company. how much here every negative peoples writing.

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