USF Made it Happen: 1 MB DSL for Rs. 299

DSL offering in Sargodha
DSL offering in Sargodha

Few days ago, we reported about 1 MB DSL for Rs. 299 in rural areas from PTCL – however, we didn’t know then that it was due to Universal Service Fund only.

As per information we have received, USF is already subsidizing the broadband internet in various un-served and under-served areas of Pakistan. Reportedly, USF will roll out such initiatives countrywide in phases, based on telecom regions in Pakistan.

Unlike telecom services, the bidding for broadband was on achievement of targets, not the roll-out. Here target means, broadband users, and USF pays on per broadband user basis – the amount per user is decided through bidding.

As a pilot project, Faisalabad Telecom Region has started getting the fruit. Following map will help you understand the status of deployment in better way.


In Faisalabad Telecom Region, PTCL and Wateen won the bid and they gonna provide services in 7 districts, which are as following

  1. Faisalabad (Excluding those areas where Broadband was already available)
  2. Jhang
  3. Sargodha
  4. Toba Tek Singh
  5. Khushab
  6. Bhakkar
  7. Mianwali

After the pilot project of FTR (Faisalabad Telecom Region), Phase 1 will include

  1. Multan Telecom Region – 1
  2. Southern Telecom Region I – 1
  3. Hazara Telecom Region – 1

Phase 2 will cover following regions

  1. Gujranwala Telecom Region -1
  2. Central Telecom Region

You can click these links to know the current status of projects.

For a comprehensive information about what USF is, find out this interview with Mr. Parvez Iftikhar, CEO, USF.

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  • Well overall scenerio is good that PTCL and USF offering 1Mb DSL for only 300Rs in rural areas but it may give a negatve impact on the people of rural beacuse the literacy level is very low as compared to urban areas and because of this people may abusing the internet ang go in the wrong direction. Which is obviously not good.

  • Seems like a waste of money subsidising end user pricing. Wouldn’t it be better if the USF spent that money on infrastructure instead? Maybe subsidise the laying of fibre optic lines or installation of cell towers?

  • i totally agree with abdulsamad they should invest in the infrastructure rather than expanding the network the urban areas are more pathetic in case of the infrastructure … they should make all the copper to fiber and also those battery issues should be resolved

  • Salam to All,

    Will any one Mind letting me know if this service covers the valley of SWAT (Pukhtoonkhwa)? THanks in Advance.
    Siraj Khan From the “Paradise on Earth” SWAT

  • Amir can u tell us still which cities area have covered? it need full detail because every one wana know that he/she can obtained it.

  • hi
    well its looks nice package but we r payin 1199/- permonth i think we should have 2mb on such pay if they can have 1mb on just 300 rs
    good wishes

  • hi sir plz provid us DSL . i m from shabqaddar katozai from long time we are waiting for DSL so please sir do order this for us…………

  • hi all,

    this is really a nice news but i am from abbottabad and this offer is not for abbottabad

    still waiting for some nice dsl package

  • hey guys, does any one know about any wireless/mobile broadband service being offered in Mianwali region? Thanks in adavnce. Abbas

  • Asalam o Alaikum to all brothers
    Have any body tried wateen service in Mianwali. How much area it covers, i mean in surroundings of mianwali. Does ptcl gives its DSL service in Harnoli, piplan Region. If any body knows please share that here. this is very good news that we are getting broadband in rural areas. don’t worry if there is a negative use of internet then there is lot of its positive use, when people know what is its good use then they don’t like to waste time and they can use it for study purpose, internet is very helpful in studies and sitting at your home you can learn every thing in free so i would like to say you people to encourage this service and do a positive use. this is great revolution. really very happy to know about it. this will make it possible for me to move to my native town forever, live there and enjoy real family life.
    Any person from mianwali or its surrounding area having interest in computer science and IT (students are encouraged, if you are in this field, you have chosen right way for your career, i mean software development). i would like to have a contact with him.

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