Zong to Announce Advance Balance Service, Soon


By Muhammad Zohair Chohan

It seems like Zong is going to advance balance service (of balance loan) in case of any emergency, very soon to the prepaid customers, the service is not launched yet, and reported to be in testing phase so you may get less/High or no advance at all:P

The procedure is simple

Just send an empty sms to 911 and soon you will get advance credited in your account.

The standard advance in Rs. 5 but you may get advance from Rs. 3 to Rs. 45 Rs.

I don’t know why its like that, may be the testing phase thing.


  • To get the Advance you must have less than 5 rupees in your account and must have charged your account in the previous 30 days.
  • Remember its an Advance (Loan), The next time you recharge your account, the loan will be returned, so get it only in emergency!
  • Tax applies

Note: AD is designed by Muhammad Zohair Chohan, and this is just a prototype…!