Mobilink Goes Down Atleast in Isb/Rwp

We are getting news that Mobilink is Down in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, at least. We got this confirmation from multiple ProPakistani readers.

Reportedly, most of Mobilink customers are not receiving signals, while when Mobilink numbers are dialed, system says that Your cell number is switched off. They are receiving “Invalid SIM”, “No SIM Card”, or similar issues on their cell phones.

Mahmood Akhtar from Rawalpindi writes to us,

It has been noticed by large number of Mobilink customers that their prepaid and postpaid sims are not working today. All Mobilink connections are continuously giving an error like invalid sim, sim not inserted etc.

Update: 12:37 PM PST

Network is reportedly getting back to normal, in Islamabad. However, customers are still complaining “No SIM” issues.

It has been learned that network started facing issues early morning, around 7 AM – problem stretched over the north region, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Attock and other cities.

No Official words yet over the issue.

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  • hello i live in peshawar and right now when im writing this all my jazz sims are down i also confirm this from my nabers and frnd’s

    all sims in my area gulberg peshawar are blocked

  • yes its true ……the Mobilink signal problem in isb

  • Faisal Iqbal

    Well In my case the error message was ‘SIM Card registration failed’ and happened around 7:00 AM.
    Now the signals are back (11:27 AM)

  • Shahzad khan

    Still No Srvice in Attock From 6:00am
    My cell Showing (No Sim)

  • Waqas Ahmed

    Thats right, I am using a mobilink’s postpaid connection and it has the same prob in rwp isb.
    im experiencing all sorts of errors
    sim card reg failed
    number powered off (even when i called my own number)
    system cannot recognize this number

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    Network is continuously busy in Lahore from morning till now

  • Haris

    That is pretty much over it did occur.

  • Faisal

    Please do not forget to shift to “Ufone”
    Tum Hi To Ho…

  • Im facing error “Sim card Registration Failed”

  • Asma Khan

    Check, mobilink is working fine. if anyone is still facing, restart your phone

  • Umer khan

    Well.its working fine in multan region.i havent face any problm.

  • Abdul Basit

    Mobilink works flawlessly here in Faisalabad.

  • Zubair

    Technical issues may occur in any network but this should not be a routine system should be stable.

  • A.R.S.

    look like the old days of mobilink monopoly is going to end pretty soon now the days of glory are going to bee ended
    hahahahah good man what else can you expect in this country no aata no chini and now no signal hahahahaha come on now wtf….

  • Waseem Raja

    I knew that Mobilink service is getting lamer and lamer – (If any thing beyond lame, do tell me)
    but this – this is a very sad news, I think there are only 1 or 2 intelligent people in mobilink Islamabad but they only want money for doing nothing.

    One of my friend (in Mobilink) told me that SIMS are not working because there was an expiration date set when Mobilink started in Pakistan. but due lapse of time and no intelligent personal presence, this was overlooked.

    Now that thing is far of the scale, I don’t believe it,
    but if its Mobilink, I have to believe

    People of Moblink, you were named as best Cellular service in Pakistan and you also won the worst cellular service in Pakistan.

  • ahmad

    yea same here ppl!! sim not working frm morning! aur ab tak nahi sahi hua :(



  • adnan

    i am having also prob with my mobilink number.

  • Mobilink spokesman told the network was being upgraded which was a normal activity.
    “This is a routine activity and the consumers were priorly informed about the network upgradation,” he added.

  • Zubair

    My be link port to warid

  • Zubair

    What abt wateen , iz also down

  • Shoudn’t it: Update: 12:37 AM PST to Update: 12:37 PM PST. i.e AM to PM

  • rayyan

    aamir bhai,

    give us some new news, we are use to with this kinda news that mobilinnk is down, its not the first time….
    aur sunaoo…

  • The Mgt

    the network does not go through upgrades during the day when there is the most customer traffic. it is normally done from after mid night ……. they probably did do an upgrade and they screwed it up and had to roll it back …….. Not professional at all…… Zong will buy them for sure …

  • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

    LOL Last day I saw a big man taller customer punching a Mobilink franchise officer LOL ROFL ROFL, When people and police came, the customer told that he is visiting Mobilink franchise for the third time for the activation of his connection which was deactivated by mobilink three months ago, and every time he came in franchise they took his NIC copy every time, but his connection is still blocked, he wanted to know where are all old NIC photocopies which mobilink franchise took from him before ROFL LOL LOL, do you know why I am LOL? because I was also there for the third time with the NIC photocopy of my sister, her jazz was blocked one month ago due to some address verification errors. Every time i went to mobilink franchise they took NIC photocopy and said me connection will be activated within three hours, but still the connection of my sister is inactive.

  • Usman Ihsan

    yes this is the case with my number too. most of my friends complained me that my number remains powered off always which is not true. plz mobilink ko koi samjhai k SMP tu ban gaya hai but service ko bahtar rakhay.

  • Asif

    mobilink network is off from yesterday 6 march 2011 5pm to till today now 9am 7 march 2011. and it is still off. now network is available

  • Muhammad Aamer

    Mobilink service is also down here in Multan since yesterday night. We are unable to dial any of the Mobilink number. The message appears “Not Registered on Network”