Qubee Launched in Pakistan

Earlier, we told you that Qubee is about to launch its services in Pakistan. Well, now its official. Qubee has started providing its Wimax services in Karachi and will soon expand to Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Hyderabad. They have been testing their services by providing connections to small businesses in Karachi. But now, they are officially launching their services to the residents of Karachi.

They have got two versions of their website. One is broadband version and the other is narrowband version mainly for the dial-up users.

For broadband version, go here.

For narrowband version, go here.

Broadband Packages:

The packages are quite competitive and will surely bring a smile on the faces of public. Right now they are not providing unlimited downloads. But over all, their all packages are cheaper compared to the packages offered by both Wateen and Wi-Tribe. You will surely save a few hundreds both on the activation charges and the monthly rental.

Below are the tariff details for home users:


Tariff details for businesses:

Businesses have a freedom to select their tariff plan according to their needs. Businesses can first choose the required options and then Qubee suggests the best package matching their requirements. To start this process, visit this link.


The service is currently offered only in Karachi. You can check if your home comes into the coverage area of Qubee in Karachi from here.

How to order:

To order Qubee for your home or business. First choose your desired tariff plan and then fill this online registration form. After that a sales representative will contact you to complete the registration process.

You can also call their help line 111-0-78233 to get signed-up. Or visit any of their Qubee stores.