Qubee Launched in Pakistan

Earlier, we told you that Qubee is about to launch its services in Pakistan. Well, now its official. Qubee has started providing its Wimax services in Karachi and will soon expand to Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Hyderabad. They have been testing their services by providing connections to small businesses in Karachi. But now, they are officially launching their services to the residents of Karachi.

They have got two versions of their website. One is broadband version and the other is narrowband version mainly for the dial-up users.

For broadband version, go here.

For narrowband version, go here.

Broadband Packages:

The packages are quite competitive and will surely bring a smile on the faces of public. Right now they are not providing unlimited downloads. But over all, their all packages are cheaper compared to the packages offered by both Wateen and Wi-Tribe. You will surely save a few hundreds both on the activation charges and the monthly rental.

Below are the tariff details for home users:


Tariff details for businesses:

Businesses have a freedom to select their tariff plan according to their needs. Businesses can first choose the required options and then Qubee suggests the best package matching their requirements. To start this process, visit this link.


The service is currently offered only in Karachi. You can check if your home comes into the coverage area of Qubee in Karachi from here.

How to order:

To order Qubee for your home or business. First choose your desired tariff plan and then fill this online registration form. After that a sales representative will contact you to complete the registration process.

You can also call their help line 111-0-78233 to get signed-up. Or visit any of their Qubee stores.

  • Good thing is the up-front cost of Wimax is getting low now. This was the single biggest hurdle initially to the proliferation of Wimax services.

    • Yes, competition seem to do this now, as four wimax providing entities already there.

      Pleased to hear about this.

  • Qubee’s packages are cheaper than Wi-tribe and Wateen for both upfront and monthly charges. If their broadband service is good also, then subscribers will switch from Wi-tribe and Wateen to Qubee. It makes sense that Qubee is not offering 256k because it is silly to offer 256k like other wimax providers are when PTCL has made 1 Mbps the starting speed for broadband.

    • Yup but it really matters if they have a very good quality service, I am using the wateen wiMAX as backup to my DSL connection but their service is really inconsistent, you can’t rely if don’t have another service installed, you never know when it stops working.

  • ptcl’s broadband sucks! i cant even open fcbk smtyms! i dnt think qubee would b any improvement!!

  • I am not a fan of Wateen but it works for me. Unlimited bandwidth from Wateen is a positive and will/does prevent most people from switching to either Wi Tribe or Qubee.

    Here is some unsolicited advice for the ISP decision makers.

    1: Average user does’nt use more than 10 GB of data per month. Then why limit data?

    2: When people see “unlimited” they are attracted towards the service even though they wont be using much bandwidth.

    3: The segment that does use tons of data wont go for Limited offers.

    It’s a win-win for both.

    Wateen realized this and started offering unlimited package, increasing there market share significantly.

    I hope Wi Tribe and Qubee realize this and offer unilimted packages.

  • Thanks for the post, I recently joined Qubee and quite happy with the environment there. The marketing plan is wonderful , rather investing on TV and billboards ads , invest in sales team . Mubashir sb vision is very clear, and he looked so confident on 30th sep , day before launching he was talking to his team members.

    About above post of Umair, I wanna tell Umair that unlimited package basically not purely unlimited it has fair usage policy. Call them and ask what does that mean.

    In the end if you have decided to buy qubee you can call on our contact center number defined in post or for any further details mr.kashifazeem(at)gmail(dot)com

    • I were informed by some other wi-max provider that wateen is providing 30GB and if u exceed 30GB they will restrict you by their “Fair Usage Policy”
      I have asked wateen about fair usage policy, They told me its “TOTALLY UNLIMITED YET” and my usage for july were 42GB they didn’t restrict me nor charge any extra for that. My August usage were about 35GB and wateen is working fine for me at home.

      But in my office at Neepa chauwrangi due to political reasons wateen has closed their services I was informed by wateen service center that due to political reasons their NOC is canceled and they are unable to continue, so I can get refund of my device.

      However iam using wateen at home and wateen’s service is really good. Even I were facing signals problem in start, they have changed about 6 devices and they didn’t charge a single penny for that.

      I love wateen but unfortunately i have to select some other wi-max provider for my small office.

      • friend i had emailed wateen about this issue of fsir usage policy and they replied me that we can use maximum 100gb data volume in their unlimited package which is their fair usage policy.

        • someone from other wi-max provider told me that wateen is having 30GB fair usage policy, I go to wateens’ office and ask them about it, they told that Unlimited is Unlimited didn’t have any limit.

          And by taking 30GB in mind i increase my usage and i use nearly 42GB but they didn’t charge a single penny for over 30GB usage so i thought its unlimited.

          But even if its 100GB, i think 100GB is really enough even if u download 2 to 3 movies daily.

          • well if we think about that so the data limit of 12gb is also very enough for most of the users on consumer base because in 1gb You can stream around 19 hours of MP3 music or watch 7 hours of YouTube video or send 13,000 emails with small photo attachments. and if we can do this much usage in 1gb so isnt 12gb enough for us specially for consumers. I think 5 gb is also very enough for us.

  • I have call qubee you ppl are misguiding that they are providing cheaper packages.

    Qubee customer support team inform me this.

    1. Where u need qubee at home or at office?
    me: at office.

    2. Whats your maximum usage per month?
    me: at wateen i have checked its about 42 to 45GB per month.

    3. Sorry sir we are currently providing maximum bandwidth upto 30GB for offices.
    me: ok for 30GB what will be your charges?

    4. 2600/= per month.
    me: iam using wateen they are providing 1mbps for 1620/= per month and unlimited why are you guys charging this much?

    5. Sir our speed is really good.
    me: well wateen’s service is also good.

    6. Sir we are providing business class service. while others are not providing that quality.
    me: oh business class? so did u also provide static ip for remote desktop with your business service?

    7. Sir plz hold on let me cofirm about it.
    me: ok

    8. Yes sir we CAN provide static ip on demand.
    me: oh good, but did u charge anything extra for that?

    9. Sir you can get static ip only for 400/= per month.
    me: lolz dear wateen is providing static ip for 2000/= one time only. (no monthly / yearly charges)

    10. Sir we can rest assure you quality service.
    me: ok thank you for your time.


    • Whatever packages you see on tariff card, qubee is charging exactly same. 750/- per month means 750/- per month. And on other side Mr. Wateen lol. tariff shows 699 ,512kbps,gb5(Qubee giving 6gb) and billing is 920 , The ‘lame CPE’ has rent , the telephony line rent is MUST.

      Bhai I want to use Internet only, Wateen: No sir , you have to pay for telephony. So LAMER THAT’S WHY WE ARE SAYING WATEEN IS NO WHERE IN RACE .

      When 56kbps modems were introduced people stopped using 28kbps. I dont know why lame wateen and infinity still offering there customers 256kbps? Just to make their tricky tariff card economical? But wait Wateen 256kbps monthly billing with 5gb quota is Rs. 720/- but tariff shows 599.

  • its much expensive then wateen.

    I am using there 1MB conection with unlimitied download in only 1500 with new USB device and getting 150KB+ download speed.

    I dont think Qubee can provide more downloading speed at 1MB link.

    wateen is giving new conection in 2500 with 1st month rental inclueded.

  • nice questions faraz bhai:) I am wondering why are they charging Rs.3,000 as setup? (connection charges) is it for cpe or what else?

    • Dear Najam,
      Please go through with tariff again, there are 2 connection fees given there.

      1) 1000 (Non WiFI)
      2) 3000 (With WiFI)

      Although both devices are costly but WiFI gives freedom to use Net anywhere within its range. It’s up to customer, whatever he chooses there is no CPE montly rent like other WiMAX provider.

      Kashif Azeem

  • Hi Guy’s , have u ever tried LINkdotNET , it really Sucks, i dont know what’s their Marketing Dept is doing. i think People are really silly at LDN specially Technical Area.thats why i shifted to PTCL and said Good Bye to LDN. really Silly Guyz.

  • It is a good news, will in-fact help to lower down the wireless internet rates to the wired DSL packages in future. DSL companies will have to watchout now as the wiMax industry is now emerging well.

  • one thing is clear now that Pakistan have improved a lot in telecommunication. I think this is good step going forward. but still in pakistan peoples need to use right way rather than just downloading movies etc..

  • Well this is quite good news, now we have very good market of wimax services. But I am surprise all these services are reserved to cater only big cities, what about small cities, where we have no wireless or only PTCL dsl service the only one and final choice.

    Hope some companies will make initiative towards small cities too.

  • Launching a company or its products without any marketing campaign is suicide. How can the company management expect to sell when the consumers won’t know about their products and services.

    You cannot rely on sales to everything for the company unless Qubee has let go of their Marketing head. Seems to me it has more to do with short term cost saving strategy than a long term vision.

    I presume that once more cities are live, Qubee will come in with a bang with complete media coverage. If not then it is bound to go south for good.

  • Some really interesting comments. It does seem Qubee has no distinct marketing strategy other than the plan to go head-on against the industry giant Wateen based solely on the claim of superior service which is going to hurt it in the long run. Sales strategy can only do so much.

    A shrewd strategy would have been to differentiate itself in some way from the rest of the pack. Like free installation for instance.

    As far as complaints about Wateen’s mandatory voice package are concerned, that problem has been resolved with the introduction of the USB device as an option. So if you don’t want to go for the voice option, you can for the USB device. Why this unique benefit has not been advertised on their website or any other communication medium is really mind-boggling.

    However, there are doubts about the performance of the USB device which some say is not as good at catching signals as the CPE due to some technical constraints.

    Whether that’s true or not is something Wateen will have to address pretty soon with technical justification before it spreads like a well-oiled rumor.

    • Dear Saqib,
      Qubee vision is very clear, it’s sales team is clear on this point that they have to stay in market for long with clean hands. Why we are fearing about Qubee future?

      Qubee wants us to think like a customer who needs a fast and cheap internet connection which works fine and everytime. Let’s just look at tariff and look closely for any catch, any hidden charges, any suspicious terms & condition. A customer should only think about product , its quality and price.

      Media hype , advertising does support but if you can’t deliver you just committing believe me people will through you away from market.

      Kashif Azeem

      • Sorry for other post,
        Dear Saqib , USB dongle works only with 1 pc , plus I don’t know what is upfront for that USB. Must be costly solution and as I mentioned above customer wants quality internet which is fast and “Cheap”. May be thats why Wateen is not taking any risk to market it.

  • First i share my comments about qubee , now iam customer of qubee so iam now sharing my experience with qubee.

    1. I thought i should buy qubee as wateen has ended its services near Neepa Flyover area as there NOC has cancelled due to some political reasons.

    I call customer support to get device they told me that within 24 hours i will get device at my doorstep.

    After 24 hours I call again and ask them about device, They ask me to tell customer support person name bcoz they didn’t have any proof about my order. And told me if such thing happen they are sorry and within 1 hour they will investigate and inform me.

    I wait again for 24 hours but didnt’ get any call from qubee customer support.

    I visit their franchise (Near Alladin Park) and told them about situation, they again feel sorry about it and they told me that if u order device with us we will deliver it within 24 hours.

    Next day there team came to my venue with 2 device 1. Indoor with Wifi and another one was outdoor.

    They plugin indoor device, the device came online with 3 signals they congratulate me that indoor coverage is perfect and device will run like charm, then they plug device with laptop and after some time they told me that indoor device is faulty… or some sort of signal problem so they are going to use outdoor device.

    I said ok , then they install outdoor device and told me that device is showing german language therefore I have to wait one of customer support person go to there office again and after half hour come with another indoor device, they plug indoor device again and again device came online with 3 signals but not working.

    Then they start calling to qubee office and requesting them to bring a device at my venue, they refused and tell them to bring device themselves. So they are hesitating to go office again, I bring keys of my car and tell their CSO to come with me I take him to Qubee franchise near Alladin park, he bring an outdoor device from there.

    I told him to check device here and he said that he didn’t have permission to check device at franchise.

    He bring device at my office install it but device were having singals problems

    It was showing CINR 8 to 12db they were trying there best to get best results, I ask him that whats good CINR he told me that 20 to 22 CINR is enough to get good results they have tried there best but they get only 14 to 16 CINR on best results. They fixed device over 14 CINR and told me that i can achive normal results (not good but better then poor)

    During discussion with Qubee team I found few noticeable things, They are only investing on front end (means there franchises) and they are not providing any facilities to customer support, Customer support person told me that they have there own laptops bcoz qubee is not providing laptops to them and they have there own transport as well.

    There tools were too much outdated, Old hammer for installing outdoor device instead of drill machines they came with steel nails.

    And they also told me that Qubee is working since past one year but launched commercially in october they havent’ trained for such issues yet

    They have installed device with support of local made iron stand.

    Iam amazed with there poor support. outdated stuff, poor devices (as indoor device is showing 3 signals but not working and not only one device but 2 devices gives same result).

    If anyone from qubee wants to investigate my issue as i got device after 4 days (3 days delay) and got problem in 2 indoor devices (even having 3 signals) and one outdoor device (showing German language)

    can call me on 03452203922 i will provide him my id and other details so he can investigate that iam right or wrong.

    My ranking for qubee.

    Franchise Decoration = 9/10
    Customer Support = 0/10
    Outdoor Team = 2/10

    If your usage is low qubee is good bcoz charges are low for low usage, but u can’t compare it with wateen if usage is high. As they are not providing telephony so you can save Telephony charges which wateen is charging.

    But they are charing too high 1MB with 30GB bandwidth = 2600/= (without telephony)
    Wateen 1MB with 100GB = 1820/= (with telephony)

    Wateen static IP for remote desktop / web server = 2000/= one time

    Qubee static IP = 400/= per month.

    So u can compare these services.

    One thing which they offer me is they are charging 2000/= (2 months advance) + 1000 installation charges total 3000/= and for indoor wifi device they are charing 2000 extra, but franchise person told me that he will deduct 2000 rupees for indoor device (unfortunately indoor device didn’t work for me)

    Most of all speed….

    I havent browse speed yet since they have installed device, but my office workers told me that speed is low as compare to wateen but about speed as i said i have’t check yet so i will provide speed review with screenshots later.

    At franchise they told me that they provide Quality service or No service but there team has installed device on 14db CINR, so i will post speed screenshots here soon

  • I got Qubee wimax today and My Experience with Qubee is not Good, when they install today at my home during the day time it was working and now on the night its showing Good signal but internet is not working. I try to call help line but busy.
    That is one of the big problem in Pakistan, every internet company is cheating with there Users.
    please share qubee experince.

  • Well yesterday i signup qubee is so good all thing r execelent excpt 6gb downloading capacity hope they increase in future let see………..

  • They are a COMPLETE FRAUD. They have an unlimited downloads package at 1MB for 1500. However, after you have download upto certain data limit, they reduce the speed to 200K which is really horrible. They don’t tell the customers about this loop hole at the time of signing a contract.

    Others are much better. They tell customers about every little detail at the time of signing contract.

    • Yeah right….Like Wateen tells its customers about all the Hidden Charges. And BTW they do tell their customers. Fair Usage Policy is clearly mentioned at the form only if you read it.

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