Telecom companies evaded tax through Corruption

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has come to know that some private telecom companies evaded tax through corruption which has caused huge loss for the government and the burden is again delivered to poor citizens.

Reporting about the incident, The News said:

ISLAMABAD: Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has been told Thursday that private telecom companies evaded tax through corruption.

The committee members said ruined system of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is causing the stealing of tax worth billions of rupees and the burden is delivered to poor man.

The PAC meeting was held in Islamabad.

Chairman FBR told the committee that a telecom company of a Punjab high-up personality evaded tax through corruption and saved tax over Rs310 million.

The committee was told the companies involved in corruptly refunding tax include Global Telecom and Union Communication; the details of board of these companies have been presented to the committee.

The committee members assured the FBR that no tax evader would be given protection.

The custom officials briefed that smuggling went on the go, as the customs check posts in NWFP and Balochistan were terminated during the tenure of former government.

  • obaid saeed

    If i am not wrong salman taseer Governer punjab is the owner of GT.
    isnt it????????

  • Dont Know Maybe Some Body reply

  • Hidden Eyes

    Worldcall was the one which got this tax evasion. Salman Taseer was reportedly asked about this thing.

  • The Mgt

    The people of Pakistan are over taxed by the govt for telecom services. It is easy to take money from well regulated and transparent industry. I am sure the sugar and atta barons pay their fare share of tax . . . . . . . Not :)

  • Mumtaz

    I dont understand what is the purpose of PTA this authrity can not take action against the tax avader PAKCOM LTD one of the pioneer in cellular industries disapear from the seen along with TAX avesion in millons of dollers as also the liabilities of their employees they have deucted the Tax from employees salary but not paid to FBR but PTA could not asked them Inspite the poor employees had approched the authrity many times still the employees are facing tough time of unemployment.