ZONG Entrepreneur Program, Earning Opportunity for Students

Zong launches ZONG Entrepreneur Program for students, an earning opportunity  for students.

Zong says that Most educational institutes in Pakistan would be a part of this program through the appointment of ZONG’s Ambassadors, specifically in cities where Customer Service Centers are operational.

Students who want to join this program must have sufficient knowledge about Zong and its services. They will bring users from other networks to Zong, or by activating new connection and by giving recharge services to existing Zong customers through Zong mini load. Sims will be delivered free of cost to the incoming MNP Zong users.

To become ambassadors of this Zong entrepreneur program, have to fill online form first by going to

Have to deposit Rs. 1,000 to join this program, and ambassador will get a Zong golden number, a telesales Sim through which they will perform Zong Sales, five Zong sim cards to sale and a Miniload of Rs. 600.

How much ambassador can earn

Particulars Commission Condition
On each New Activation Rs. 60 Recharge of Rs. 50 within 15 days of activation.
On each new MNP Activation Rs. 100 Recharge of Rs. 100 within 30 days of Activation.

Not only the above, Zong is also giving profit on the total earning after every three months. That is as below

Number of Sales Incentive (PKR)
100-150 10,000
150-200 15,000
200+ 20,000

  • Would say, will more suite to the people who have interest in marketing. :-)

    This increasing number of telecom companies including ISPs etc doing well to help reduce un-employment.

  • network marketing is a slippery hole specially for the students who should be focused on their studies!

    what can you say its how the corporate world works….benifiting from other ppls time and efforts with minimum cost to them!

  • Nice initiative, good for students to start about business and sales / marketing early as well as give them some extra decent earnings.

  • i thnik this is the best way to earn pocket money, very good initiative by Zong, i have a group of students (friends), and we can sell around us college university and earn a monthly incentive…yaayyyyyyyyy
    go zong go

  • hmm.. let’s c by joining this earning opportunity…
    and if they r =serious in this matter they will gain more profit ..
    so try ur luck peers..!!!!!!

  • The word ‘Entrepreneur’ doesn’t suit this program. Students who have any relation with PCOs and shops that are selling Zong connections will get big benefit of this program.

    • not cheap at all… students are willing to do this for getting something on their cvs.. if i would not have been doing thesis now days, i would have availed this oppurutnity.. so STUDENTS DO THIS JOB as this counts a lot when u will apply somewhere for job.. its like a experience which will help u a lot

  • Its a good strategy. And if you want to say that students need to study instead of these, then its a silly excuse. What about other activities students do like going out with friends for long. Will you say the same for this?? It totally depends on a person’s life how he wants to manage it. He can not study the whole day.

    He can just say if anyone wants to buy a Zong connection, then buy it from him and can say to his friends whenever u want to recharge, tell me and give money tomorrow in college or school. It would be beneficial for everyone

  • can anybody fetch more details on this ? I am unable to get myself enrolled or get any further details from their helpline on this.

      • Sorry to say its very cheep strategy that Zong adopt to increase sales…. From every individual they are collecting 1000 rupees against 5 sims…. And they have nothing to do what u do with those five sims they already received revenue against those sims… secondly 60 & 100 rupees commission is not that not even for students… Also There is no fixed pay for these students… They are actualy saving cost of their permenent sales employees… These days employees are not able to sale 100 sims in one place so how could students can able to do that to earn profit…. This is realy very cheep strategy by Zong to save operating cost…. Students if they want to earn they should try writing on line projet papers… One of the best site i can tel is Premiumwriting.com instead of wasting their precious time in this activity….

  • i did received its call last week…but because of threat my college closed for 2 weeks & i had to leave for the other city…

    now will they give me the sim or not???

  • What does it means:

    Number of Sales Incentive (PKR)
    100-150 10,000
    150-200 15,000
    200+ 20,000

    is it number of sim that we must have to sale or something else???

  • I’m in this “ZONG Entrepreneur Program”…

    And my Experience is its a waist of money & time,

    because in college people are Happy with their own Original Networks, Ufone & Warid are top priority of every student.

    Zong, Telenor & Jazz user are extremely low in numbers…as i said extreme then i do mean extreeaammmellyy llooww.. because i have about 220 contacts of my college fellows & of these least 180 users have Warid & Ufone, now you see the difference.

  • hello,
    i m touseef
    main already kisi k sath work kar rahan houn laykin buhat kam commision mil raha he so i joining u servies so contect me plz..\
    my telesale no is ..03131537994


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