Telecom & IT companies Deceiving Job-Seekers through Fake Recruitment Processes

Every person in this World has been rewarded by our Almighty Allah with a nature to seek for the best available for him and compete for the ideal conditions in terms of living & working environment, learning, career expansion and compensations.

For this fulfillment, candidates improve their personal and professional skills through education and various other methods, experience is one of them. But unfortunately merit is not one of the characteristics of our society.

Adding further to the fire, IT & Telecom companies are nowadays deceiving job-seekers through fake “advertisement & recruitment processes” and in reality getting information about the competitors’ business strategies and salaries through a series of job interviews and demanding various documents like salary slips, current job description, achievements and updated progress of running projects and future planned activities.

Most of the companies at the moment are not hiring on a larger scale but advertising on bigger scale just to give an impression about company’s growth. In fact most of the companies are downsizing and shrinking their head-counts like Mobilink, Wateen, Huawei Technologies…

Through this they not only waste the time of the job-seekers but demotivate them if not told to join. I am not sure this is ethically true or false but I have personally witnessed this practiced being HR Manager of two companies in telecom & IT sector. So the individual ought to be very careful in providing the documents until and unless they have been offered a job in writing.

One must be loyal to the current company rather than another prospective employer who can play a game with you!

  • AOA All,

    The HR in most of the telcos of this land is doing sheer misbehave with its employees.

    Since these non-technical people are mis-fits of technical organisations so for the sake of salary and livelihood these non-techinical people(HR) in techinical organisations do like such cheap activities.

    So i condemn all what so ever HR has done in insulting and Abusing the Human Beings
    especially the techincal people.

    May Allah Curse fall upon the HR who left no stone unturned misbehaving the employees and are hell bend upon the bonded labour .

  • It sounds more like sour grapes. How can you interview someone and not ask them about their experience, what projects they have worked on. I think that more stringent controls need to be put in place to stop these companies hiring some of the idiots that they do. This sounds more like people wanting an easy pass to the limited and lucrative telecom job market. If you are good and you have the skills you get the job. Unless you got it as a favour and then you need to be ashamed of yourself.

    • Brother you have forgotten ALLAH who has made everyone’s luck and its not 100% true that you possess skills and are good only then will get a job. Its your parents dua and ALLAH’s will who has written our taqdeer and responsible for our luck and life…the thing under discussion is that why they advertise when they have not plan to hire, only interview means HR is getting busy doing nothing productive but do spy on the candidate’s credentials…

  • This thing is happening everywhere in Pakistan from Small firms to huge firms.

    The different with these firms and multinational firms is that. Multi-national, firms already have people for vacancies , they only need CV to fill the the US/UK people Bags that they hired people from the market, not from the pocket.

    Getting back to topic
    The HR in the telecom firms are not IT or technical people (even most of them don’t know how to operate simple office apps). they think of themselves higher in the food-chain. they take the CVs and use as rough paper or used it for cleaning purpose.

    that what I think

    anyhow, HR dont have any idea how to distinguish people from one IT group to any other. Instead of asking about oiur experience, they ask like Army asks interviews a person. (ask about where u done metric or 8th class and whats your father qualification and what does he do)

    Ask about us, ask about ou

  • Don’t know abt the others but Nayatel is definately hiring and all they require are your documents.

  • The VP Telenor HR is like that. He is only interested if your family can help him out. If you are from normal family he is not interested.

  • If HR is interviewing candidates to collect information about competition, then it is extremely unethical. Also, a lot of people in telcos have been hired based on connections on ‘sifarish’. This happens at all telcos be it PTCL or Telenor. Such HR people should be fired immediately be it VP of Telenor or whoever.

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