Consumer Alert: No Charges on Incoming or Missed Calls

There has been rumor amongst mobile phone subscribers that cellular companies are going to impose 10 Paisa charges on incoming calls from October 10th, 2009; it is to inform everyone that there is no such thing at the moment in the industry.

Officials from cellular companies have denied any such rumors and said there are no chances of such charges for incoming calls or missed calls.

These rumors are being spread through text messages, and are baseless, said an official of a cellular company, while another official advised mobile phone subscribers to not to forward text messages that contain unjustified information, unless they confirm it from helplines.

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  • now that is a good idea that the mobile companies will be sure to pick up on. a large % of the netowrk traffic is missed calls and if this was implemented then the telecom operators would save lots of money

  • Is ka matlab ab phone bund kar k kabootar rakh lainay chaheay laiken us k baad kubootaroon ka dana mehnga ho jaye ga .mmmmm

  • O yara sub user mry samed chawal han na help line charges par boly na recharge tax lgany par boly na 5% charges par boly na balance check par boly
    To mra khaial hay lga dalen koi nai boly ga

  • hmm perhaps these rumors are also spreaded by cellular companies, as peoples will try to cross check it and check their balance resulting in 10 paisa’s revenue to cellular companies.

  • I totally hate my operator uFone and others for initiating the balance check charges.

    They’ve become greedy beyond limits. I mean, come on, you guys imposed the 5% service charges,

    and now the balance check charges?? There were no balance check charges for past few years, did these companies go bankrupt because of that?? NO!, its just pure greed.

    Soon our telecom sector will be effed up just like the US operators, which are run by just pure greedy bulk-tummied morons.

  • Nice Post, Aamir Bhai! I had heard rumor regarding incoming calls last week and about missed calls today. In utter disbelieve i decided to check here for a clue, and DANG! it was a rumor after all… You guys are doing Great Job!!! Thank you so much!

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