Call Any Network 45 Paisas/20 Seconds: Zong

Another amazing launch by Zong, you can call at 45 paisas per 20 seconds to all Zong and off-net numbers – that’s awesome.

So this actually makes 45×3 = PKR 1.35 per Minute package. However, keeping in mind that pulse rate is 20 second, there are good chances that you end up saving some money against calls that you make.

Call Charges


How to Activate:

To activate dial 931 or send an SMS ‘sub’ to 931

Activation Charges:

First time activation is free, afterward 15Rs+tax will be charged to change package or to re-select 45paisas package.

Update: We earlier mentioned that this was 45 Paisa per 30 Second package, however, it happened to be 45 Paisa for 20 second package in actual. We feel sorry for this notable mistake.


  • FAQs:

    -How can I subscribe to this package?
    Users can subscribe by sending ‘sub’ to or dialing 931 IVR

    -What are the charges for switching to this package?
    Have you ever switched from a package before? If no, then switching to Z20 is free of cost. Otherwise you will be deducted a charge of Rs.15

    -How does the charging work?
    User will be charged 45 paisas per 20 seconds of airtime used. For example, for a 35 second call user will be charged for 40 seconds instead of 1 minute. The call charge in this case will be 90 paisas.

    -Is Z20 free of all hidden charges?
    Yes, it is absolutely free of all hidden charges

    -Which special ZONG offers are not applicable on Z20?
    Flexible Happy Hour, 8 Aanay Offer, Late Night Offer, Break Time Offer, Super Free Number, Unlimited Free Numbers

    -Are all users applicable to switch to Z20?
    Yes you can switch from any package by simply sending ‘sub’ to or dialing 931 IVR

  • The most pathetic package i have ever heard, my friend just cönverted his package to this one,
    there is no sms package with Z20, i.e u cant activate any sms package when u have activated Z20

    • It is clearly mention that unlimited sms can be activated at3.99/day. How can u say that no sms package on Z20?? FnF and special offers are not available and they have clearly mention that. So plz conform the details before commenting. It hits ur credibility & show the company u r using.

  • Great

    0.65×2= 1.3
    0.45×3= 1.35 (Just .05 difference and as mentioned above we can save money because the pulse rate is 20 sec)

  • Changing pulse rate is a good breakthrough and it is in the favour of both, customer as well as network provider. Those who talk for 25 seconds in 65 paisas will pay 90 paisas for 30 seconds now but those who talk for above 30 seconds will get more advantage.
    For professionals its the best i think, but personally i think 30 seconds pulse with 45 paisas if introduced would be the best ever for users. . . .

  • Just 20 second pulse is a good thing. Otherwise not a convincing package at all. 20S main kitna SAB KUCH KEH SAKTE HAIN?? It just a flate rate, not a package. No FNF, happy hours ect. They sould add more value to this offer. UFONE kal bundle offer de sakta hai with 20s pulse. So not convincing

    • 20sec main banda i love u keh sekta hay 45paisay lagay baki buch gayay ya nahi :P

  • zong is great keo keh ufone ka tu abi 2000 ka idea hai sirf u1 pakege hai jo s ka istimal mushkil may hud zong sy fort howa ho ufone par laken aby mayoos ho ufone k pakege sy

  • Like it and Converting.. I don’t use the other Value Added Services (VAS).
    On my current Zong Package it costs me around Rs. 1.72/min (inc. taxes) – This one would cost me around 1.653/min not that much difference at all..
    Well I’ll save money for balance inquiry ;) and pulse time is 20Sec so thats gonna save me :)

  • Aoa, What about intra-net charges which a telecom company pays to other company for connecting its consumers call to its customer? If i am not wrong it used to be 50 paysas for per 30 seckends, have now companies reduced them?

  • weekly sms pag main agr sms 1000 khatm ho gy tu kia karna chaye per or sms activat ni hoty q plzzz souml my broblam

  • i am using Zong weekly sms package… kya zong 45 paisa package lene se mera zong weekly sms package band ho jaye ga ?????

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