Call Any Network 45 Paisas/20 Seconds: Zong

Another amazing launch by Zong, you can call at 45 paisas per 20 seconds to all Zong and off-net numbers – that’s awesome.

So this actually makes 45×3 = PKR 1.35 per Minute package. However, keeping in mind that pulse rate is 20 second, there are good chances that you end up saving some money against calls that you make.

Call Charges


How to Activate:

To activate dial 931 or send an SMS ‘sub’ to 931

Activation Charges:

First time activation is free, afterward 15Rs+tax will be charged to change package or to re-select 45paisas package.

Update: We earlier mentioned that this was 45 Paisa per 30 Second package, however, it happened to be 45 Paisa for 20 second package in actual. We feel sorry for this notable mistake.