First English to Urdu Dictionary/Translator for the iPhone

In these present times, the whole world including Pakistan is inclining towards the English language. Our national language Urdu is loosing its identity. But even in these times there are people who are striving hard to bring back the glory of Urdu. Aftab Amjad is one of these people. Aftab is a student of Accounting and resides in Melbourne, Australia. He looked for an Urdu Dictionary app for iPhone and the results were quite disappointing for him.

From there he thought of making his own Urdu Dictionary app. With the help of MEDL Mobile, Aftab developed the first English to Urdu Dictionary for the iPhone – a comprehensive database of over 24,000 words and phrases. His vision is to promote greater communication and learning among Urdu fluent people around the world. “It’s great for the Urdu community and it will especially help students”, said Aftab.

It can translate English to Urdu and also English to roman Urdu. It is quite simple yet powerful application which can come very handy in today’s world. It has got two amazing features. One feature is to Translate which lets you scroll through the alphabetized list of entries to browse and select the words or phrases you want translated. If you need a specific word, the search bar at the top will pinpoint exactly what you need. And second feature lets you favorite as many entries as you want, for more convenient reference.

This application is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch, requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Check out below screenshots to take a sneak peek of this application.


First English to Urdu Dictionary/Translator for the iPhone

First English to Urdu Dictionary/Translator for the iPhone

The application is priced at $2.99. To grab this application, just visit this link and buy one for yourself now.

  • i want it free of cost…if any one have then give it to me…on my email …
    [email protected]

    • you should support the developer by purchasing the application. $ 3 is not a big ammount.

  • M.A.A

    Zubair you are right, if anybody ve iphone of worth many hundred $ then 3$ is nothing for such great application, this shows dedication and love for Urdu, great work Aftab Amjad

  • Zubair

    that really is the love and dedication for urdu, I have seen there are not many websites which are purely in urdu

  • Aftab

    Excellent work done by Aftab Amjad.
    I wish if some could develop a java English to Urdu dictionary for java enabled mobiles. I have searched Eng-Urdu dictionary for java mobiles but results were none.

  • hi,

    i am aftab the developer of this app, if you want it free just check an offer here

    check there DOWNLOAD IT FREE

    • Mike

      Hi aftab I bought your app today but am not sure how to access english to urdu roman. Can you help or point me in the right direction? Many thanks

  • thanks for positive and motivating reply’s

  • Jafar

    Good to hear for such development, we must appreciate the efforts made by the team of Mr Aftab.
    In fact $3 is really not a big deal for people who are already endorsing Iphone gimmicks.

  • Hafeez

    Will this work for Blackberry? any thoughts…….

  • does blackberry support other iphone’s application ? if YES then it will also work on blackberry

    any comments ? post here

  • Faizan

    I have eng to urdu dictionary/translator on my nokia 5320 phone.

  • Gennie

    yar Agar Ya Kisi Ne Kharedi Ha To Mujay Da Main IsKo Crack Kar Ke Sub Ka Liya Upoad Kardoon Ga…

  • Aftab

    thats y we Paki are in the bottom of everything, shame on u Gennie

  • kaleem

    i neeed freeeeeeee

  • Masaudl

    NEED it for HTC Desire….. any one help ?

  • Aftab

    here is new version of this application.!.aspx

    for HTC and other android mobile phones, it will be available very soon.

  • Aftab

    sorry, link was broken here is the updated link

    Guys who want it free please contact me.

  • suhaib

    i want it free plz …. my number is 03132022022 and email is [email protected]

  • musa shami

    i want English to Urdu dictionary for i phone 3gs if u have pl z call me on #03219171488

  • khalid khan

    this is a best ditionary

  • Uzair

    can u tell me the exact name of this Item on iTunes??

  • Aftab

    its free now in the app store, download it by searching “urdu translator” in app store or use following link

  • Uzair

    Jazaka’ALLAH Khaeer =)))

    • asrar

      ham ko bhi sikhao english plz help me

  • asrar

    brothers am very problem plz help u…I want leern english, dear

  • Ali