Interview: Ali Zafar, Brand Ambassador, Mobilink

Ali_ZafarAli Zafar is a known name, not only locally but globally as well. He started of his career from modeling and then earned respect in the music industry.

Ali Zafar remained Telenor TalkShawk’s Brand Ambassador for three long years, before he shifted to Mobilink, that turned out to be a surprising or let me term it shocking development for the industry and his fans.

Ali’s this move fanned fire at various levels and multiple fronts, media being at top. Certain news items were published, discussions, gossips and in fact there went some press releases too, some criticizing while others appreciating the step.

We thought to talk to Ali himself, and get first hand information about the whole scenario. Ali was kind enough to spare time for ProPakistani as he answered some sensitive questions…

Below is our interview with Ali Zafar. Enjoy and do share your feedback in the comments.

ProPakistani: What made you leave Telenor and Move to Mobilink? Was it money difference, affiliation or maybe some conflict or just an end to a contract?

Ali Zafar: I know there has been quite a talk about it and various versions exist. But I will try to be honest and simple in answering your question to make life easier.

There is no single reason that led to my move from Telenor to Mobilink. In order to put things into perspective, following were the reasons that led to my shift.

  • The first and most obvious reason was the end of my contractual term with Telenor.
  • The new contract had some new terms that I was not comfortable with. After working with a team for three years, a shift in their management and their new outlook was seeming hard for me to adjust into.
  • I felt a bit monotonous – I believe in keep re-inventing and evolving through change. Mobilink seemed the most obvious choice. There is no denying the fact that it is the biggest and the most stable brand in the country and they wanted me to lead it, so it seemed worth the effort.
  • Further to that, the future objectives that Mobilink shared with me were exciting and I felt I could be put into a better use. I was planning to do stuff to strengthen our institutions especially the music and entertainment industry and they seemed to be genuinely looking into that themselves. Hence I felt a connection. Soon you shall see work being done on that front.
  • I was being offered a better package.I feel there is no harm for someone to strive for better in life. We all do it all the time. To a clerk at the office to the great rock band ‘U 2’ that shifted from Apple iPhone to blackberry after 6-7 years of affiliation with apple. But what must be understood is that for some it’s not just the money that drives them. There is a lot more than that and that my friend only time can better explain as the events unfold. The only thing I felt was that there should’ve been time between the two shifts but unfortunately I had to fly out for a while so it needed prompt working.

ProPakistani: How was your experience with Telenor Talkshawk?

Ali Zafar: It was a great experience working with the Talkshawk team. Everyone was really nice from the brands to the agency and creative teams and I have some fond memories of my time with them. These memories will stay with me as I move on.

ProPakistani: Masses knew you as the Telenor guy, maybe you disagree but that’s a common perception, how will you defeat this impression and don’t you think it will harm your new brand?

Ali Zafar: First of all, I do not intend to defeat any impressions that people might have of me. In perfect honesty, the common perceptions of the masses and their sentiments towards me are tremendously important in how I see myself. I continuously try to portray myself in the most genuine and sincere manner that I know how, be it through my singing or my brand affiliation. I wholeheartedly feel that there should be no reason for my new representative brand to suffer because they are an ensemble of responsible and caring individuals who have my best interests at heart.

The team at Mobilink are competent and smart professionals so when they signed me on, they had already thought about this. Frankly, they had complete confidence in me and are very content with the feedback, so I am very comfortable with my decision as well.

With Mobilink, in some ways I feel like I have come full circle. Very few people know that I have worked with Mobilink before. Right around the time I started my television career, I was part of the Azaan ad that Mobilink aired in 2003 which was a a powerful one and I think it played a great role in putting my face out there. By the grace of God, I have come a long way and I think I will grow further with my association with Mobilink.

ProPakistani: We have seen press releases against you in media, in your opinion who issued them?

Ali Zafar: There could be any number of people who would issue such statements but today’s media and consumer are both mature enough to see past such tactics. However, I would like to mention that there are also those voices that have supported me throughout my career that tend to be obscured by the overwhelming negative opinions of such statements in the media. In any debate, there are those who are ‘for’ the topic of discussion and there are those who are ‘against’.

To put it in simple way, I respect the opinion of those who have any grievances towards my decisions and I equally respect those who continue to support me in regards to my career choices. Both are entitled to judge and both are entitled to their opinion. I do not wish to discriminate any one particular point of view.

ProPakistani: Media thinks you left Telenor because of money, how would you comment on this?

Ali Zafar: It is very easy and convenient to factor in money as a blinding tool of opportunity. However, there are numerous reasons that I have for leaving Telenor as I mentioned in the beginning of the interview as well. You know you have to part ways at some point so it really is a matter of who makes the move first. Like any professional who is seeking a better opportunity in this world, I chose to leave for one basic reason – I felt that it was simply the time to move on and everything else followed.

ProPakistani: What plans you have got for Mobilink Jazz in coming months.

Ali Zafar: Well the question is what plans does Mobilink Jazz have for me. I’ve witnessed some impressive energy in the team and everyone’s highly involved. Managing such a big brand is not an easy task and requires tremendous vision which I think is apparent in the outcome.

They work hard and keep me busy too. At the same time they are youthful and full of energy, like the brand itself, which makes recording sessions a lot of fun. I already have a great rapport with the entire team so I am really looking forward to a wonderful time ahead. Our aim, in coming campaigns, is to provide the audience with a new level of entertainment and I sincerely hope that every single person will enjoy what we have in store.

  • Agar Telenor bagh rha hai tu Mian Jerry apka Mobilink bhe kafi time say forsale hai

    Yeh sheikon ki compnayhai kisi din yeh be kisi or jaga or kisi or business mai pudikna surah ker dain gai

  • Impression of Telenor Guy is already gone. He did well with his initial campaigns, and very few take him Telenor Guy anymore. waiting for his upcoming ventures with Mobilink, good luck

  • Mobilink bhi bagh jaye Ali agay move kar jaye ga banda nokri tu pakki rakhta hay na apni aur yeh haar admi ka paidaishi haq bhi hay.

  • In interview he said time automatically justifise his move
    This means Telenor may sell its Pakistani business

  • jaisa is ne telenor k saath kiya waisa hi ye mobilink k saath bhi karay ga bcos same situation wud emerge when he will receive some better money from other operator.

    yaar sari baat paisay ki hoti hai. _____________

    but prestigious and esteemed people don’t do as ali zafar did. they care for their honour and name in public.

    [Comment Edited]

    • “Sari baat paisay ki hoti hay, but prestigious and esteemed people don’t do as ali zafar did. they care for their honour and name in public”

      Yeh batain dosron ko kehtay howay achi lagti hain, jab apni bari aye tu aik second main move kartay hain log.

      • jerry u r rite laluchi aur greedy people aisa hi kartay hain. u know the story of greedy dog.

        • akmal its better be human. one should not do like greedy ____ . insaan ka pata hi tab lagta hai jab money ka koi affair hu.

          [Comment Edited]

  • mera bhi yahi khayal hai k jaisay is ne telenor k saath kiya waisay hi ye mobilink k saath karay ga. batain aur bahanay jo bhi hain.

  • waisay ye baat theek hai k insaan ko apna behavior ________ wala nahi rakhna chahiye _____. balkay insaan ko aisa hona chahiye jo dost k saath dosti qabar ki deewar tak nibhai.

    [Comment Edited]

  • arey tu is ne bhi tu aisa hi kiya hai apni taraf se tu is ne telenor ki qabar hi bana dali aur us pe khaak bhi daali. apani taraf se tu us ne qabar ki deewar tak dosti nibhai ab jab banda mar hi jai tu us k peechhay kiya lagna. heheehehehehhe

  • baat jo bhi hu aur ali zafar jo bhi kahay laikin is ka image public mein kharab hua hai. ab public is ko koi accha azmat wala insaan nahi samajhti. is ne thorey se paisay ziada kama liye but hamaisha k liye aik blot of mud apnay face pe laga liya hai jis ko ye tu bhool jai ga but public kabhi nahi bhoolay. acchay log jis k saath baith kar khatay hain us k saath accha salook kartay hain. aur ye tu telenor k business rival k saath baith gaya aur apnay puranay dost ko bhool gaya. jo log new friend milnay pe old friend ko bhool jai aisa insaan zandagi mein siwai zillat k kuchh hasil nahi karta.

    am sorry to disclose all these facts but ppl think this abt ali zafar but he didn’t think before this act bcos his eyes were shut with the glittering of money. this openly visible greed doesn’t suit to a media person. awam ki nazar mein popular honay k liye thora azmat mangta ok

  • yaar daikho tum log waisay hi lar rahay ho mobilink say log telenor main nahi jatay kiya aur telenor bhi tu mobilink kay logon ko rakhta hay, tab azmat kahan jati hay app logon ki? aisay hi becharay ko badnaam kar rahay ho

    aur telenor paisay barhata na uss kay, 3 saal say sath tha ali zafar tu dosti nibhata telenor, paison ki kami tu nahi hay na telenor k pass

  • daikho bhai logo us ko mobilink ne acchay paisay diyay wo mobilink mein chala gaya as he said in his interview

    “I was being offered a better package.I feel there is no harm for someone to strive for better in life.”

    us ko koi aur acchay paisay de ga wo us k saath chala jai ga. us ko rupee kamanay se kaam hai aap aur mairay jazbaat ki dolat ki chamak damak k aagay koi ahmaiyat nahi hai. so let him earn money.

    Ali’s new friend paid him good amount so now his days and nights should be with this new friend. y would he remember his old friend as he has eaten up all the money given by him.

  • nazim concluded better. bhai baat sirf paisay ki hai bas. males and females paisay kamanay k liye bohat kuchh kar jatay hain. the biggest religion of today’s world is MATERIALISM. daikh lo ye siyasat daan, actors, peer sahiban, doctors, lawyers judges aur yahan tak k molvie sahiban ko daikh lo sab paisay k liye sab kuchh kar rahay hain. nahi daikh rahay k wo ghalat hai ya saheeh but they r doing it. so dont be tensed and do right in your life for yourself and dont look at the evils of other people.

  • hi,,,mjy iss pakistani awam ki smj nai ati..jab uss nay telenor to mobilink shift keya to saray uss k khilaf hoo gy..aur ab..pir i love u ali…and many much like that….i dont know….
    whats the problm with pk peoples?

  • arey baba pakistan mein baiwqoof public ki kami hai kaya. jo wise aur aqalmand hain wo in jaisay actors ko apna ideal nahi banatay wo apna ideal Hazrat Muhammad ya un k followers mein se kisi ko banatay hain. u know Allah k Rasool ne aik jew se promise kiya aur poora aik din aur aik raat waheen pe kharay rahay k wo wapis aai ga aur apna janwar lay kar jai ga. and remember it was a verbal promise. Azeem log apni azmat ka khayal kartay hain. chaltay phirtay logon pe itna discuss bhi nahi karna chahiye.

    kal ye banda ziada paisay lay k wapis telenor chala jai ga aur tab kahay ga “mujhey guilt complex tha is liye mein wapis telenor mein aa gaya”. so leave them on there lives and do good yourself with others and never back out of your promise.

    • Pehli baat kay uss ka contract khatam howa tu, tum khuda rasool ka naam use nahi karo becasue contract khatam honay kay bad giya hay

      Dosri baat telenor main ziada paisay dainay ka dam nahi so woh kabhi telenor nahi jaye ga abb. telenor main dum hota tu woh janay hi nahi daita, abb shoor band karo

  • Aleem u r rite aisa hi kahay ga. k mairay se ghalti ho gai thi aur mairay zahan pe burden tha so i came back to telenor for compensation.

    ye nachnay ganay walay aur nachnay ganay waliyan shuroo se hi money earning mein bohat siyanay hotay hain

    • money earning main koun siyana nahi hay?? zardari? nawaz shareef? har profession main har tarah k log hotay hain, app loog just personal ho rahay hain aur kuch nahi

      • Jerry i have been through all the comments,


        May be someone from Mobilink to defend them..hahahaha :D

        Telenor Doesnt bother what people say at a small site, You people are fighting here while they damn care.

        coz they are not noobs..

        Get a Life..!!

        Be sure i am not from Telenor :D

  • Bat shifting ki nahi hai aik to aap do din pehle kisi or brand ki publicity karo phir next day dosri brand me ja k kaho k do din pehle me jahan kam karraha tha uski services achi nahi thats why i change it THIS IS THE INTEHA OF CHEAPNESS
    Aj kal paise ka dor hai har koi improvmnt chahta hai but ap ko apne purane sathio ki is tarah burai karne ka koi haq nahi
    He was my favrite singer but today i only like him bcoz of his voice or song not as a person

  • javeria u r 100 % rite.

    insaan ki koi dignity bhi honi chahiye. jin k saath baith kar khaya hu un old friends ko bura kahnay ka matlab hai k aap khood hi buray hain warna buray logon k saath hi kion baithay thay?

    apni zubaan se niklay hoay words ko kahna k ye mano ye sach hai next day doosray brand mein ja kar kahna mein pahlay jhoot bol raha tha ab sach hai ab is ko mano.
    yaar we are not your blind followers, you justify truthfulness of your personality first then ask us to follow. you proved yourself a lier. a money chaser for whom truth and false is nothing but money is everything. money makes you say whatever money wants from you whether its true or lie.

    • mein tu jab is ko mobilink k advertisement mein daikhta huun mujhey tu mobilink bura lagnay lagta hai kion k mobilink bhi is burai mein ali zafar k saath shamil hai.
      ali zafar telenor k advertisement level ko kafi up ley gaya tha tu shayad mobilink ne is se badla lainay k liye is ko idhar bula liya takay is ka image kharab hu jo k really hua hai.
      baicharay ne mobilink se char paisay ziada kama liay but sari zindagi ka kamaya hua naam gawa diya.

  • I am not surprised infact shocked by some of the comments of the people. these people who talk about morals and religion , convicting the singer for being greedy( one even got the prophet’s example into it ) are unbelievable ! They should ask themselves and look into their collars before saying all these things ! would they ever leave a better opportunity themselves? would they ever stick to the same job or brand their whole life? these are true ” munafiqs”. and sadly our country is full of these double standards .
    From what i read in a forum here before and heard from facts is that it is telenor who broke promises and betrayed ali. they kept delaying and delaying his payments and one guy also spoke so rudely to his manager ! after that ali said even if you offer me thrice the money i dont want to work with you because i need respect and not money . and i guess thats’s what mobilink offered to him which took him their . Now that is honour and credibility ! Also once telenor found out he was being offered more , thay offered him an amount no one can refuse but he refused ! why ? because that is what you call character ! you all need to get a life and learn from him. coz if you don’t u’l stay at the same forum with these stupid comments and he will conquer the world !

    • Jamaal your words show the foolishness of your mind. u termed a person munafiq who talked abt Prophet and talked about truth. if that person is a munafiq then what is your status in this mirror.
      they all discussing that Ali should justify the money he took from telenor. ALi took money from telenor and cursed all other operators in its advertisements and then Ali took money from Mobilink and started cursing telenor in Ads.
      baita Ali zafar kisi show mein aanay se pahlay advance mein sari amount laita hai zara apni aankhain khol k duniya mein raho.
      Telenor chewing gum bananay wala karkhana nahi k logon k paisay maray. its a multi-national arey telenor tu aap k previous sms kabhi khatam nahi karta aur tum kaya baat kar rahay hu.

      insaan ko apni zuban ka aik status rakhna chahiye. dolat ki laluch ya apnay previous brand se badla lainay k liye kisi se paisay lay kar us ko curse nahi karna chahiye media mein.

      • Anwar you are absolutely rite yaar. jamaal is trying to be a material animal like Ali zafar. mujhey tu ye bhi us ka koi dooooor ka rishtay daar lagta hai hehehe

    • arey yaar aik aisay singer ki khatir aik doosray se jhagra kar rahay hu jis ki awaz mein koi originality hi nahi hai. his voice is a cheap copy of indian singer kishor kumar. dont fight with each other yaar.

    • jaisay jamal ne kaha hai aisay tu insaan itna material ho jai ga k us ko true aur false ki pahchan hi na rahay gi. jamaal change your views brother! dont be like atheist.

  • Ya as ali zafar used to be telenor’s brand ambassador, and then he moved to mobilink creates an image that I had made a mistake by joining telenor.
    People say that its natural to move for the best. But in my point of view when you are promoting a brand and suddenly next day you say oh I made a mistake…what a fish ALI.
    And his first add showed his anger towards Telenor which he is trying to skip in this interview with sugar coated words.
    ALI you were dragging people at one way by promoting one brand, by altering your path people following you are lost.
    It’s a peek of selfishness

    • obaid its not only selfishness but also foolishness. chahay wo thora sa khoobsoorat hai aur thori bohat us ki awaz acchi hai chahay wo kishor kumar ko copy hi karta hu but is se ye saaf pata chalta hai k Ali zafar ka oopar ka khana khali hai. us ne public response aur apnay image k baray mein socha hi nahi. ya phir paisay ki chamak k aagay ye sari cheezain us ko nazar hi nahi aain.
      Ali Zafar baita money is an illusion and public is a fact and “A Hint to the Wise”. jab public tum ko dislike karay gi tu mobilink bhi tum ko utha k bahir phaink de ga aur tumhari jagah kisi aur ko lay aai ga. so public is a fact ok.

  • people cursing Ali zafar as they were in search of some occasion to curse him.

    logon ne khoob dil ki bharas nikali hai ALi zafar pe. is se ye tu pata chalta hai k really ALi zafar ka image down hua hai. asal mein log hi ghalat hain. wo in jaison ko ideal bana k ghalti kartay hain. log jis ko ideal banatay hain wo samjhtay hain k ye ghalti nahi kar saktay but ye media persons ho hotay hain dosto ye ghalti nahi blunders kartay hain, sirf hamain pata nahi chalnay daitay. Ali zafar ki aik ghalti saamney aai tu logon se bardasht nahi hua. arey logo is ki kuchh aur ghaltian jo ham ko nazar nahi aati agar wo hamaray saamnay aa gai tu aap log kaya karo gay. aur aisi buri ghaltiyan in media persons mein definitely hoti hain. so relax yaar. let them do what they want and u do good at your side and be a good muslim and good pakistani and keep yourself clean and never make such persons your ideal so that u may not feel embarrassment. ok

  • Mein tou sirf ye kahoonga k change krne mein koe harj nhn, magar jis tarah Ali ne mobi key ad. Mein msg dia wo ethics k khilaf hai, usay telenor ko hit nhn krna chahiyea tha wo bhi itna openly, wo apna kaam krta jo promos ya packages hain wo mesages convey krta. That’s all

  • hELLO everyone, i have never read a funnier and shallow discussion topic in my life. It look like telenor has pumped its staff to go and write some b.s about ali zafar. And its unbelievable the way these people talk about ethics . The biggest ethic is ” not to talk about someone behind their backs ! ”
    also unless one sees something with their own eyes you are not allowed to create or spread rumours or judgmenet with sentences like ” media kay sab log aisay hee hotay hai ”
    which means that all media persons or ali zafar have many other mistakes . brothers and sisters , we all have these mistakes, for a second . look objectively into your life and try to justify all your wrong doings .. did u notice how many they are ?
    Growwww upppp nation . stop talking about these petty issues . spend your time in something creative !
    just the fact that ali zafar have had all of us take our time out to coment and write so much about him ( good or bad ) shows his success !

  • Yar ap logo ko Ali zafar ko badnaam krne ka haq nhi puhanchta mujhe itna hi bta do ke paisay ke bagair ap kya zindagi guzar sakte ho. For example
    “Ap 7 days se hungry ho q k apke pas money nahi ha aur kahi se apke ke pas news aati ha ke 1 admi kisi ko bhi apne 1 crore dene ko tayar ha jab ap wahan jate ho to woh admi marne wala hota ha aur money se bhara suitcase us ke hath me hota ha to kya ap us admi ko choor k woh suitcase uthao ge nahi” aur us waqt me apko kaho ke u r very greedy

  • main nay kafi reply paray hain, very FUNNY, ALI ZAFAR, MOBILINK AND TELENOR K AELAWA KUCH NAHI SOOCH SAKTAY KYA?????? PAKISTAN KO TUM LOGOON KI ZAROORAT HA, MUGHAY AESA LAGTA HA, K PAKISTAN MAIN SIRF POLITICIAN HI REH GAY HAIN, woh waqat door nahi ha jub pakistan khatam ho jai ga, aor tum loog aik doosray ko blame kertay raho gay, na koi industry ha na koi sector, poori dunya main yeh batatay huway sharam aati ha k main pakistani hoon, becoz of pakistan = terrorist. ali zafar nay jo kiya uss ka faida, yeh batao tum kya ker rahay hoo, sub call centers india main hain, uk ho ya america, jitnay bhee networks hain india say business ker rahay hain, tum lag ali zafar ko pakar k rakho, …………………

  • ali u r soooooooooooooooooo special for us u r sooooooooooooooo nice singer (

  • best of luck ALI Zaffar Don’t miss any Opertunity.
    Sb ki bat apni Jaga . Agr koi apni Betterment K ly kahein or jata to ya us ka right ha. Apne gireban jang k daikho k tm kia ho.

    Love ur job not ur compny coz u don’t know when ur comp stop loving to u.

  • Ali Zafar is a good Singer. Switching and moving is no bad thing, it opens new ways to life. He switched within the telecom sector and he signed a movie then it is for his better future. If he has the ability and got offer to work in the newspapers then what is the bad thing in it. I don’t think any problem with it.

  • Hiiiiiiii ali, i hope u would be rock in (mere brother ki dulhan) ali m sry bt i want ask something 4rm u. Why r u soooooooo handsome? So sexy nd so talented. M ur big fan. Ali watever u have done in previous movies, u did rock. All the best 4 ur movi, mere brother ki dulhan.

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