Zong Introduces Telesale SIMs for Zong Dealers

Zong has almost completed delivering its new telesale SIMs to its dealers all over Pakistan which will start working from today. Telesale SIM is replacement of Zong Mini load SIM which were being used for Zong account recharge services by Zong dealers.

Telesale SIM is not only a Miniload sim but Zong dealers now can also offer Zong number booking and MNP services to customers who want to join the Zong’s network. It is more like a mobile-franchise packed in a SIM card.

Customers can visit Zong authorized dealer, can check the availability of any Zong number and customers can also place their MNP requests to port-in to Zong.

It may get little technical, but for those who are familiar, franchisers will require Blank SIM cards, such as HLR1 or HLR2 etc, and rest of the task will be done through telesale SIMs.

If your cousin or friend etc is also a Zong dealer but outside of city, you can still get services from him, but for new sim activation he will request you to buy blank SIM card. You will have to visit your nearest Zong franchise or customer service center to buy blank sim card of type which he told you, for instance HLR1 or HLR2. Once you will buy this blank SIM card, rest of the task will be done remotely through telesale SIMs.

Blank sim card costs 90Rs.

  • Sounds good, anybody knows the prepaid balance in new sim? like if we buy a new connection for Rs150 than there is a prepaid balance of Rs.75 in it.

    So, if we buy blank sim for Rs.90, and get it some number from tele sim person, what would be the balance in it?

    also, how much would be the charges paypal to telesale dealer?

  • A telesale dealer can not set a number for a blank sim purchased by you from Service Center. As telesale dealer can only bind sim cards issued on its retailer id.

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