5 Things a Celco Should have to Lead the Pakistani Market

Cellular companies strive hard to keep bringing the innovation in their services, sometimes through interesting and useful Value Added Services, with better pricing or sometimes with bundle offers. Through these ever changing tariffs and new promotions, these cellular companies aim at higher number of customers, higher usage of products and higher return to the investment.

Higher number of heads, their stamina to spend money on mobile communication, social norms, attitudes, literacy rate and other similar factors, Pakistani cellular market turns out to be very lucrative in nature.

Feedback from mobile phone users, consultation from cellular industry experts and journalists, we are driving following 5 offerings that cellular company should have to take a lead in Pakistani market.

  1. 60 Paisa Per 30 Second Calls to on-net and off-net numbers
  2. Monthly  SMS Bundle for Rs. 90 (can have a cap of 5,000 SMS a month)
  3. On-net Hourly Night Package at Rs. 4 per hour
  4. Stable Network
  5. Good Customer Support

If a company is offering such a tariff, according to experts it will beat the competition with no hurdle, keeping in mind that these five elements cover more than 90 percent of what public demands from cellular companies.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK