5 Things a Celco Should have to Lead the Pakistani Market

Cellular companies strive hard to keep bringing the innovation in their services, sometimes through interesting and useful Value Added Services, with better pricing or sometimes with bundle offers. Through these ever changing tariffs and new promotions, these cellular companies aim at higher number of customers, higher usage of products and higher return to the investment.

Higher number of heads, their stamina to spend money on mobile communication, social norms, attitudes, literacy rate and other similar factors, Pakistani cellular market turns out to be very lucrative in nature.

Feedback from mobile phone users, consultation from cellular industry experts and journalists, we are driving following 5 offerings that cellular company should have to take a lead in Pakistani market.

  1. 60 Paisa Per 30 Second Calls to on-net and off-net numbers
  2. Monthly  SMS Bundle for Rs. 90 (can have a cap of 5,000 SMS a month)
  3. On-net Hourly Night Package at Rs. 4 per hour
  4. Stable Network
  5. Good Customer Support

If a company is offering such a tariff, according to experts it will beat the competition with no hurdle, keeping in mind that these five elements cover more than 90 percent of what public demands from cellular companies.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Monthly SMS Bundle for Rs. 90 bhi ziada hai. ufone offered 7 days in rupees sms bundle inwhich 100 sms costs for 1 rupee daily and sensible sms can be done with it.

    and ufone offered 60 paisa for 30 sec but the blunder is that all minutes expire after 10 days ufone needs increase validity of these minutes upto 45 days minimum.

    haan 4 rupee night package bhi hona chahiye but the hour shud start from 10 PM to onwards. this is also important.

    u know guys mein ne sirf ufone k 7 days sms bundle ki offer ki wajah se apna 24/7 warid number ufone pe port karna hai but call k liye telenor 63 package ka aik aur mobile le liya hai so i will do sms via ufone and call via telenor.

      • Zubair bhai plz get it cleared that glow 700 deductsactivation charges of 2 rupee also so it becomes 9 rupees.
        whenever u activate, it will take extra 2 rupees. this is not mention on warid website but u can verify from warid CSR or create your account at members.waridtel.com and click “Prepaid Tariff Change”. u will know the reality.

    • usman bhai ufone offers this weekly sms bundle offer of 700 sms for 7 days is only for those who subscribed to any life package.

  • it is good that none of you are responsible for running a business you would be bankrupt in a week. do any of you know how much it costs to run a network, what sort of margins you get a call, how much tax telcos pay, the contribution to GDP and employment ………. i think the time has come for prices to go up not down. too many people have been living off the fat of the telco for too long. Fuel prices have gone up, flour has gone up, electricity has gone up and the list goes on. No time is up …. stop the madness…. stop wanting more for less and get other industries to give you a financial break not the telco !!!!!

    • Dear, those r our basic need, not cell phone. Cell phone is only luxury. we pay telcos for every minutes which costs them nothing!!!

      • as i said, you want something for nothing. Do you think it really cost “nothing” to provide a telecom service. i would say you are mislead or dont really understand the industry. So why would Telcos spend billions on an industry and give away the product for free. Even a farmers boy would know that it cost money and time to make something and you cannot give it away free.

    • straight say that give charity to these mobile companies. u know mobilink sold its sims even in 30,000 thousand when there was no GSM company. it really monopolised the market and sucked the blood of customers. 6 rupees for one sms o my GOD, u know that time. and now that sim is free and even they give u extra balance than u paid for the sim.
      so dear now its their time to pay back ok. so pay back or get out of pakistan. our pakistani company Ufone is best. we all pakistani will join Ufone one day. at least Ufone doesn’t take foreign exchange out of pakistan. it keeps its money here. u know people have been as much aware that they have started thinking to move to Ufone as they have known that its much beneficial for our country’s foreign exchange. this is the reason that Ufone is gaining members enormously.

      • Ufone is the largest contributor to PTCL and that belongs to the arabs so check your facts before you claim untrue statements. ask all those PTCL workers how good the arabs treat them. Again the profits of PTCl are taken out by the arabs for consultancy and other services for both PTCL and Ufone……. PTCL and Mobilink is the only companies in the industry making operational profit ……… Ufone is a scam and beware of the arabs and beware of fake supporters who represent differnt companies

        • How much share Arabs have in Ufone? I use Ufone only because I think its profit is not taken out of country or at same proportion. Etisalat has 21% share in PTCL. It means government of Pakistan still has lot of share in it. If I spend on Ufone, investors in PTCL are gaining money that means Government of Pakistan muist be getting monney. please correct me if i am mistaken.

  • Well telenor is doing al this 4rs/hr on DJUICE talkshawk 63paisa call 7rs 700 sms much beter then 90rs per month they had that bundle before changed to beter 1 7rs 700 later ufone did same and custumer service acording pro pakistani survey telenor again leading

  • I think they should offer more services
    like 3G
    if they want to have more revenue.

    Adding more packages for existing services won’t do much.


    1- A Call not Less than Re1/min or Re1.2(inc. taxes)
    2- NO Super Hour, Night Hour or some Dumb Hour Packages.
    3- One Free Number all around they day for some fix monthly charges (for those who are really concerned – Love him/her?? spend some money)

    4- An SMS around 20p/SMS (inc. taxes).
    5- Am willing to pay around 800~1000 for 3G Services although it’s 1/5th of my pocket money.

    6- I want Quality Service, Quality Service, Quality Service & Coverage.

    7- I am satisfied with the level of technicality those Customer Care people have, Coz I don’t want them fixing my phone, they just know what they offer and it’s OK.

    8- And I want my call connected to the Customer Care Right Away, am not interested in some Stupid Music or Money Drinking NEW Packages.

    9- Last am willing to pay extra for more interactive/useful/logical services. Which they call VAS.

    10- I don’t want it DIRT CHEAP, I want it Affordable and Working.

  • What if all of them start offering above services at above mentioned rates???
    what would be differentaiting factor then???
    wat will happen to Ufone & Zong who r surving only on the basis of their SMS bundles????

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