PTCL Providing Numerous Services to Consumers

PTCL is providing number of services like land line phone, Smart TV, broadband and EVO services through land line connection. Advisor of PTCL to Etsalat, Abdalla Hassan Mohamed Hassan Almuaini said this while addressing the opening ceremony of Research and Development Weak 2009 at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

Almuaini said PTCL is working day and night to bring innovative products and enhanced services for our valued customers. In connection to this, he elaborated, we have launched triple play product, which includes voice, data and TV services, based on state-of-the-art technology and provides with wide range of channels at your doorstep.

PTCL has always given special consideration to the educational institutions, students and faculty members, he affirmed. PTCL broadband student package is one of the prime examples, giving 30 percent off, not only to all the students, but faculty members and administrative staff, with the institute, he added.

On these moments, General Manager (Consumer) Irfan Chaudhry, General Manager (South) Rashid Ahmed, General Manager (Finance) Mansoor Abbas, G.M. (HR) Aqleem Sherwani, Chief Engineer Khalid Chaudhry and Advisor to Etsalat Murtada Babiker were also present.

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  • (Please give 5 minutes )

    I also applied numerous time for a landline connection. As I was in need of DSL.
    One day I got fed up by applying online and planed to go to the HQ
    When I reached there I was shocked to see the lines of people specially youngsters who unfortunately had got DSL connection, but at that moment they were willing to disconnect PTCL land line & DSL.
    What a poor quality of service.
    Same is going on with electricity companies.
    I must say Our Govt is responsible for the short fall of electricity as kala bagh dam is only on papers.
    With rental power system they are going to kill the poor people. But those people are already dead due to the inhumanity of our Govt.
    People are expiring as they stand in long lines to get some aata for their children.
    I saw people crying on roads as they were feeling helpless to get basic needs of life.
    Is this The Pakistan?
    An Islamic state?
    As per Islamic rules if a dog dies due to thirst the ruler will be responsible for that.
    But our Govt is shameless and cruel as they are killing paki people with their hands.
    Their own families are settled abroad with our money.

    Another interesting story of brutality of our Govt official
    Some time ago a train accident took place in India. Hundreds of people died in that accident.
    At that moment the railway minister of India resigned from his post as he thought that he was responsible for that accident.
    After some days a 10 time bigger railway accident took place in Pakistan.
    And you know what!!!!

    Our shame less railway minister said as he was questioned as responsible for the accident.
    His words were “I am not responsible. I was not driving the train”.

    This shows the brutality and cruelty of rulers of Islamic republic of Pakistan
    Wake up people

  • PTCL is going down day by day……………..
    If there own employees are not satisfied with the company , how can they satisfy the customers..??……..

  • hi friends my message for all men and women unity is the best policy and we implemented in our country so we will succeed in very field may Allaha help us. and i loved my pakistan

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