Pakistan's first Antivirus "Instant Virus killer"

Instant virus killer is not only an anti-virus but this software also has capability to backup and recover infected or lost data within seconds!

This powerful anti-virus is made by two Pakistanis Hafiz Usman and Mr. Imran.

While in an interview to Aaj TV, Mr Hafiz Usman told that “To develop an anti-virus, it was not an idea it was only an incident”. We developed this for personal use only, they added.

Moreover, both the chaps claim that this is the only anti-virus in the world which can fix those Microsoft windows re-boot issues after virus infects system files. And if you are following precautions for your Windows safety then this anti-virus can give you 90% protection against web, USB disks and pirated cds viruses (no anti-virus gives 100% protection).

In cases if your data has been infected then Instant Virus killer can restore data to its previous states – however, restoration can take hours and even days, depending on amount of data.

If your Windows installation has got corrupted due to system file infections and now you are unable to boot your windows, even then Instant Virus Killer will work from system boot just like your BIOS set up .

This anti-virus is registered from government of Pakistan and is not free, there is no trial version of this anti-virus.

They are selling this antivirus for per single PC and mulit PCs solutions.

A helpful Antivirus useful for Offices, School and colleges computer labs and even for home users.

Windows operating system users really need anti-virus like this, Linux operating system users can remain happy even without any anti-virus :)

Link to website of Instant Virus Killer

  • ahan nice
    but lil more information about this .

    Originally Posted by misterhafiz
    but It’s ma promise it will be ecnomical. And Especially one time buying n no further internet updates will be required.

    =I guess USD 36 dollars = Apprx Rs 3000
    not much economic :d

    price taken from

    a further more agressive discussion by Hafiz Sahab
    Check out here

  • Nice effort & good to see some one have tried to do something other than talking & criticizing. I will definetly go for it.

  • I think this sofware should be called backup recovery application instead antivirus because antiviruses needs updates.

    Congrats Guys.

  • 1st of all its not anti virus here read this
    “Antivirus (or anti-virus) software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses. Such programs may also prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware.” As far as i have read about this instant :P crap they only clean virus which infect USB devices no updates or daily updates not such thing even close to anti virus. Anti virus find infected files by
    Signature based detection, Malicious activity detection, Heuristic-based detection, File analysis, and File emulation.

    Fixing registry bugs to avoid BOD and other crapy windows bugs is not rocket science.

    About there USB virus focus check out AutorunRemover and you will see whats going on here.

    Running Anti Virus company is not a joke three people runs it. Its requires more then that to even run a software company. 33 $ as there prize says 33$ is the amount in which you can nod32 or kaspersky yearly license.

    Run scans on internet before appreciating such people.

    They are doing good job but 33$ for this crap what they are up to.

  • I think it will only be used by pakistani users. This is very strange that our Government sector still uses Windows OS. When Pakistan will make progress.

    This antivirus is registered via Government of Pakistan, i think this is just for popularity. There will be no virus if our High Sectors uses Non-Windows platforms.


    • Mr. Eshban Bahadur, Listen keep in your mind Pakistani are a intelligent persons. Do you know Two Pakistani,s from Pakistan Air Force are make a Missile and Anti Missile and they find formula from Al-Quran ( A Holly Book of Islam )…and for moor your kind of Information now a days in NASA ( American space agency ) there are many Pakistani scientis are working in NASA read the history..
      Read the History of Pakistani scientis.

      And one moor special thinkg…In past A Pakistani scientis was NASA Chief…Read the History of NASA,s Chives….

  • No need to test it (even if there were a trial version, so to speak).

    Know that it is developed by two Paki _________ is proof enough that the software is just a piece of junk put together from open source code.

    [Comment edited]

  • AGREED with ANONYMOUS. Big names like Kaspersky and eScan Antiviruses are availible for a mere Rs 1700. and these guyz are charging a whopping Rs 3000. I think thats Stupid. Some patriotic guy might fell for it but not me. :)

  • Superb Job done by you i think we all Pakistanis suffering these problems which can be cured, protected and removed by your hardly executed product……….. if any discount in price then contact me please.
    Nouman Aslam Tamimi

    • i think hes taking 5k. not 3k.

      the websites highly un professional, why wud i pay them 5 k for some thing like that. i would prefer using the eset or kaspersky which are much secure

      Well no updates seems like either he has requested the people making viruses to stop making them lol.

      though its a good effort, no doubt but wat the guys offering is not a good option though.

  • well good work , but how can i say its AntiVirus?
    its not scanning your system nor protecting your system. its just soynd like backup software but very cool

  • well some body started it in pakistan..
    its is good step now we should at least support these people just once and see what is out come what they can do next in upgrading….
    all pakistanies should at least try it…
    money that we pakistanies would spend will stay in pakistan, will not go out for other useless countries like india ,america in form of NOD ,and other programs etc..
    if these guys keep on working on this hope we would be proud of this antivirus….and can become one of big organizations in pakistan…
    think positive pakistan zindabad

  • Well done, Rs.2000/- per PC is OK but a poor student does not reach, please we pakistani request you to keep the price as low as possible like Rs.500/-, so that every pakistani can buy this software easily.


    cell # 0322-2317324

  • I know you will read this guys. Efforts need appreciation, we appreciate you for this. But what’s the reality that should not have to be hidden. Your software is of no use at the current date. I’ve a new signature virus, how your software detects it, any algorithm used, oops not. The large antivirus companies like Bit Defender, Kaspersky etc, they are not fool. Why they provide updates, why they bring a new version every month. By recovering an existing infected file with an existing virus, you think you have saved people from security threats. Please feel free to contact me, i’ll provide not less then thousand ways by which your software security can be compromised, as well as flaws in your software. But once again i say when you will not put your head in these things how will you stand against them.

    • I think they have studied the activities of viruses how they effect the certain processes running in a system rather than identifying each single virus by name. All viruses have mostly the same behavior. So they have used this logic to identify and remove them.

  • Get Avira Free edition + Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware.

    @blogger, please use some sort spell & grammar checker before posting.


    “This powerful anti-virus is made by two Pakistanis Hafiz Usman and Mr. Imran.”

  • I have used it. It is worth trying. Better than all those big names antiviruses. It removed tons of viruses from my computer and restored my extremely corrupted window with all the data.
    Thank you guyz for such a wonderful product.

  • we can write batch files to remove virus comes from usb.

    In most viruses today, there is one thing in common, all are invoked by autorun.inf file, that virus generate in every drive( C: , D:, E: etc).

    As the instant anti virus developer recommended their PRECAUTION for better result.

    So, i am giving you a free precaution:

    Always open USB Drives by using Address bar list box beside GO button in my computer(not by double click Drives C:, D: etc) that avoid virus invocation, as virus are invked when Autorun.inf is executed, and autorun.inf is executed whenever you double click a Drive in My Computer.

    So, Save Rs. 5000/- by using my free precaution.

    Guaranted virus free environment.

  • You Can Contact Me On [email protected] If You Want Your PC 100% Secure From Virus, Spyware, MaLWare, AD-aWare, GaLWare & Trojans. LifeTime Data & WINDOW(s) Gurantee In Cheap Rates Better & More STABLE & FLEXIABLE Then Instant Virus KILLer.

  • just read all comments. . . . really appreciated things are not same as shown until u try…. Best of luck to both stars which are the only 2 guys who have created anti virus in pak i will be looking forward for furthure improvment. Thanks

  • we should appreciate these two guys, rather than criticizing them. They’ve done a great job and we are looking forward to see further improvement and product development. Atleast we should give them a support.

  • Yea but they copied a some other company product & took all the idea from there the one I am selling is really old one & works better then this Instant Virus Killer also I provide demo they don’t

  • I bought this product just to support the IVK Antivirus developers and never thought weather IVK will work or not. M too happy to write about IVK because it works very well on my both desktop and laptop. Pakistan zindabad.

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