Pakistan's first Antivirus "Instant Virus killer"

Instant virus killer is not only an anti-virus but this software also has capability to backup and recover infected or lost data within seconds!

This powerful anti-virus is made by two Pakistanis Hafiz Usman and Mr. Imran.

While in an interview to Aaj TV, Mr Hafiz Usman told that “To develop an anti-virus, it was not an idea it was only an incident”. We developed this for personal use only, they added.

Moreover, both the chaps claim that this is the only anti-virus in the world which can fix those Microsoft windows re-boot issues after virus infects system files. And if you are following precautions for your Windows safety then this anti-virus can give you 90% protection against web, USB disks and pirated cds viruses (no anti-virus gives 100% protection).

In cases if your data has been infected then Instant Virus killer can restore data to its previous states – however, restoration can take hours and even days, depending on amount of data.

If your Windows installation has got corrupted due to system file infections and now you are unable to boot your windows, even then Instant Virus Killer will work from system boot just like your BIOS set up .

This anti-virus is registered from government of Pakistan and is not free, there is no trial version of this anti-virus.

They are selling this antivirus for per single PC and mulit PCs solutions.

A helpful Antivirus useful for Offices, School and colleges computer labs and even for home users.

Windows operating system users really need anti-virus like this, Linux operating system users can remain happy even without any anti-virus :)

Link to website of Instant Virus Killer