Weekly Telco Gossips

Yet another episode of Bits & Bytes is around. We try our level best to bring everything related to Pakistan Telecom and IT to our valuable readers but its so hard to find the news these days. We can’t put the fly on every wall unless we own those walls :-)

  • Telenor senior personnel are insisting that they are not going out for any merger soon. According to them they are one profitable entity right now. The gap of subscribers between Mobilink and Telenor is decreasing – they can go ahead with acquisitions but they won’t go for sell out right now, that’s what Telenor people say.
  • NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks) has lost the contract of UFone whereas Huawei got it somehow. The project is of 1000 sites (BTS)
    Note: We are sorry, earlier we said that Ufone’s contract was awarded to Ericsson, however, this is not the case. We are sorry for the mistake, and understand our responsibility of correcting it.
  • NSN also lost control of PTCL project which went to Huawei now. This project is of 300 exchanges – now Huawei equipment will be installed there.
  • Seeing the NSN project loosing frequency, employees are worried about the future.
  • SIEMENS is out of communication business in terms of BTS installation. Only thing that is left is ‘IN’ and this is popular belief that no one can beat SIEMENS in that one
  • Warid & Wateen Merging Soon (Speculative as of now) as we reported last week that Wateen is open for buying 
  • Ufone says that its revenues grew by 29 percent previous year, in an Email, CEO congratulated all employees and confirmed that their bonus salary has been transacted to their accounts.
  • Another black Friday hit Mobilinkers; Senior Chaps remained the focus, for instance Col. Jawad from Government Relations Department, Mr. Adnan & Brig. Nayyar Afzal from Technical Department and Mr. Furqan Bucha of Administration Department.
  • Yes, Telenor Mobile Banking is on the edge at last, most probably with brand name of Easy Paisa. By the way, EasyPaisa.PK and EasyPaisa.com.pk are registered to Telenor Pakistan, already!

More to follow… Soon!!!