Intel & Dell Partner to Bring New and Innovative Products to the Local Market

Intel Pakistan & Dell Pakistan together conducted a series of road shows with notebooks cloaked in Cherry Red, Alpine White, Pretty Pink, Gecko Green and a whole array of other colors, accessorized with crisp widescreen displays to meet user’s specific needs.

The new products and services were showcased at a colorful event, with famous VJ Ayesha Omar and designer Munib Nawaz gracing the event. This event provided the visitors with a great visual experience resulting in holistic product know-how. Experts were also present at the venue to provide clear information on the high performance products that are tailored to the needs of specific consumer groups.

“The Dell Consumer series, based on Intel processors has embarked on a colorful and exhilarating journey in Pakistan. Our tagline’ Yours is Here’, religiously followed, exhibits that knowing our customers is what we do best. The personality of each SKU is uniquely positioned for customers that seek a high definition lifestyle at the best price points. Our killer products, the Inspiron portfolio and Studio series are responsible for creating some fantastic ripples in the market,” said Nubla Iftikhar, Marketing Manager for Consumer and SMB for Dell Pakistan.

Asma Aziz, Marketing Programs Manager of Intel Pakistan Corporation, included “Intel is passionate about providing value to its consumers. It is exciting to see Dell’s combining its effort in bringing new and innovative products to the local market. Intel and Dell are working together to harbor the creation of futuristic technology in Pakistan. Bringing Intel’s award winning micro architecture along with other superior features, these products will provide a whole new performance experience to its users.”

The notebooks are based on Intel Core microprocessors which are enabled by powerful multi-core technology. Providing all the bandwidth you need for next-generation highly-threaded applications, enabling faster, cooler, and better battery life notebook experiences. Built on a foundation of great features and design, the notebooks can deliver on what customers want, need and do with their individual digital experiences. World-class widescreen displays on notebooks support hi-definition lifestyle activities like watching movies, sharing photos, or shopping on the internet. A rich palette of seven color choices, including Red, Midnight Blue and Obsidian Black, gives notebook customers the opportunity to truly express themselves.

Dell has stressed on purchase with warranty cards to cater to genuine Dell products in Pakistan.

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