Caution: Your Cell Phone Can be used by Terrorists

The Pakistan Army is investigating mobile phone messages warning the recipients that their SIMs could be hacked by terrorists if they followed instructions given in some messages.

One such message says: ‘Attention: If you receive a call on your cellphone informing you that they are from quality control department of a GSM company and checking your line and they [terrorists] will also request you to press a specific key on your mobile phone, do not follow their instructions.

Even besides this, don’t respond to any unknown message, or do any action (by pressing any button) for any unknown caller.

‘Your mobile can be hacked by them and may be used for any terrorist activity… like triggering a remote-controlled bomb blast…ISPR-Pak Army.’

An official of the Federal Investigation Agency’s cyber crime cell said his unit was also probing into the matter. He said strict action would be taken against the senders of these false messages and they would be booked under the Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance, 2008.

Via Dawn

  • Usman

    So… does it means that SIMs cannot be hacked? and we dont need to worry??
    On the contrary i know some people, who actually take up your cell, in front of your eyes, they’ll call on any other number and your number won’t be shown, instead, any number u say would be displayed on CLI… but somehow or the other, this call costs around 14 Rs/min… Couldn’t get the trick.. anyone knows?

    • obaid saeed

      ya usman i know about this trick.
      more over u are charged for even a miscall.

      • A for apple

        deos some one has more info on this trick?

  • Bukhari

    Hey c’mon thats childish
    I dont think it can be hacked ‘that easily’

    • James Bond

      jab tmko call kare na beta than follow then pher pata chalega

  • mullas and talibans have such technology ?

  • but the parties behind/supporting Talibans and Mullas have advance technology than that

  • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    This can only be done by people inside telecom companies, so pak army should start their investigations from there!

  • Usman Ihsan

    yaar first of all y FIA wud arrest the sender of such sms? ppl just exchange messages and dont care whether its true or false. if FIA is so determined then it shud advise telcos to send all a message that no one can hack your sim so dont send such messages. Telcos dont advise their clients bcos they are generating revenue with sms. so FIA also shud not bother for such sms. this is the duty of Telcos.

  • Jani

    kis kis ko pakray ki FIA? ye msg tu bohat chala hai. so if FIA wants to stop someone then it shud advise mobile users thru Telcos.

  • Fawad

    Well mullas and talibans dunt have this technology but germans are funding them and they might have given this technology its better to be cautious.

  • omer

    nahhhhh.., not possible. High skills are required to do so