Warid Offers Miss Call Notifications


Now whenever your phone is busy‚ switched off or out of coverage‚ you can rest assured that as soon as you are back in coverage‚ you will be instantly informed about all your missed calls via SMS on your Warid Numbers.

Warid now also offers the MCA service to its Prepaid Users and gives free service activation for first month.

Key Features:

  • Available on both Warid Prepaid  and Postpaid subscribers
  • Instant delivery of Missed Call Alerts upon subscriber availability
  • Alerts carry calling party’s name if number is saved in subscriber’s phone book
  • One alert per missed call‚ ensuring ease of returning calls
  • Permanent storage of Missed Call Alerts for future reference

How To Subscribe:

To activate the service, type ‘MCA ON’ in a SMS and send it to 129.


Monthly subscription for Postpaid Users: Rs.30+tax
Monthly subscription for Prepaid Users: Rs. 10+tax.

How To Unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe the service, type ‘MCA OFF’ in a SMS and send it to 129.

How to Temporarily Deactivate:

Disable by setting call forwarding/diverting to 103 (in your handset call settings menu).

How to Reactivate:

Set Call Forwarding/diverting to 103 (in your handset call settings menu).

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Warid do late every service Miss call alert Call came it is not good monthly charge only one time charge like Rs 50/- in life activation only like Telenor do nice prepaid service for is customers.

  • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

    Missed calls alert service of Zong is best without any activation or monthly charges.

    And then then comes telenor with 50rs+tax only activation charges.

    • Usman Ihsan

      too expensive and non competitive service. if warid had offered this service so late then it should have offered it free of cost. aik tu dair aur doosra bey faida aur mahanga. warid ko ye serivice free karni chahiye ya phir 1 rupee per month kar for transparency (jo ye kahtay hotay hain).

      yaar kaash zong ka network pooray pakistan mein 2nd number pe bhi hota na tu it was a best network as it is innovating best offers and services and packages.

  • zubair

    Warid always late comer

    • Hammad

      this service is being offered by warid from past few years man… they are just relaunching this!!

      • Usman

        with bundle packages and mobile banking services offered in abundance in this market – relaunching missed call alerts means warid are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to say !!! Sad really, if someone would be kind as to put them out of their misery. The staff are now praying to be bought out by Zong ……….

        • Earlier this service was for postpaid only, now its for prepaid too… let’s not judge things too early : – )

  • Abdul Rehman

    hmmm good service, but monthly subscription fees not ok

  • 123

    monthly fee withdran plz

  • Muhammad Ali

    Monthly charges is not fair… they should give this service free.. only activation charges..

  • RAR

    WArid making the customers fool, they always introduce the srevices which wrere introduced by the other companies before them.

    Warid reception in KArachi specially in gulshan are is not good, signals show low n full many times a day. I am experiencing a new thing while making calls to any other warid number the bell sound which we hear while callig is changed on some numbers. have any one checked this its not on all numbers but on some numbers or may say in some areas this happens. Is this 3G implimentation by Warid or any thing new?

    • The Mgt

      Warid doing 3G….. Now thats funny !! they are barely running a 2G business. Move to another operator, Warid has had its day, they have been taken over by everyone including Zong. MNP is just a click away.

  • Adeel

    The strange thing about this is that they are charging postpaid customers thrice of prepaid customers. I think it’s now clear that prepaid users are better for their business that postpaid ones.

  • RAR

    I think Telenor persona is the best choice among the postpaid options available in market.
    Low line rent with ease of subscribtion of all the services like SMS, GPRS, Voice bundle, MMS News, Secure all, Contact backup etc at same time at nomianl charges.

    • zubair

      Most pathtic service and network Telenor have no match of Warid Zahi
      best rates and 30 sec pluse

  • Thank you Warid – This is such a good service.

    Warid is always taking lead in getting innovative services launched.

  • Orkut Scraps

    Thanks a lot Warid Telecome. My always favorite mobile operator. Thanks for the information.

  • zubair

    Warid the best network but this time they are later comer in prepaid

    Post paid is warid Zahi

    one more thing warid post paid customers is more than total post paid customer of the market in pakistan that and how many customers telenor have how many multinatinal have officaly telenor
    Telenor worst operator

    Warid the best

    • Zee

      Warid’s postpaid subscribers can never be more than total postpaid subscribers! :P

  • Muhammad Asif

    Warid is the best but the late comming is due to the shuffling in higher management, singtel is going to take over warid soon

  • Zee

    Zong offers this for free.

    • zaffar

      ZONG charges RS30+tax/month for caller tunes. Charges for favorite caller tunes are separate. So just one offer can make the company good or bad. It is good in the sence that Ufone & mobilink still not offering this cervice. After Warid they may also follow. After that charges may be finished

  • zaffar

    Oops; ufone is offering it with the name of MCN and Charges (for Prepaid Users):Rs 15/ month + tax and
    Charges(for Postpaid Users):Rs 25/ month + tax. Plz update

  • HAris

    zong hai na is ka free hai activ b free hota hai aur koi monthly charges nahin hain
    zong is the best

    • Zubair

      i think most of the people have no idea about QOS if thet are using Zong

  • HAris

    warid fazool kisam ki sim hai jis k call rate nehayat hi mehge hain other netwrk par is app zong use karen ya jazz ya telnor
    par ufone aur warid pakistani awam ko bewakuf samaj kar loot rahe hain other net par call bohat hi mehngi hai u aur warid ki
    from: [email protected]

  • Amazing man, it works. ofcourse this service is new for prepaid users. Warid is a little bit risky, nor cheap like ufone.

  • qaiser94

    waird tel 2 late..

  • Ishaq

    Warid is the best,coz warid offer gurranted services.I have use all the networks but i found warid best……………

  • Moosa

    yar sab k packages apni apni jagah achey hain, koi bhi network rakho ya MNP karwao par Zong pe MNP mat karwana Zong ne ek hidden package rakha hai woh us pe convert ker dengay aur us package pe yeh shart rakhi hai k wo 1 year tak kisi aur network pr MNP nahi honey dengay!!!

  • Asalam O Alekum!!! Plz Monthly charges khatam kiye jaen…. Takay Awam ko ziyada say ziyada saholat milay …. Or Company ko mazeed faida hoo… Tnx ALLAH HAFIZ

  • Wajiha

    Now I fail to understand that in a time of economic uncertainity why are monthly (not daily) charges a burden. Rs10+tax per month is less than most charges already you pay for daily, weekly or monthly SMS packages.

    People if the service if that good & there is a demand then we pay for it, or we see the telecom operators moving to brink of financial crisis.

    Just ask yourself how much this service is of use to you & what you do if this was not around. If you can live without it then don’t subscribe. If we understand the value of relationships we will see that 10/month is not a big charge.

    • ali

      Warid is actually life ka network

  • ali

    sab ki apni apni raye, I have used all networks but i love warid for its hassle free service and non-fake adverts. Warid has offered MCA service for prepay, i needed it so i am ready to pay 100 per month even, no need to criticise on 10 rupees, if you dont need dont subscribe,

    mobilink says more than 5000 destinations,
    warid says more than 5000 destinations in more than 374 cities,

    who is correct???
    [email protected]