Cinnova Joins Adobe’s Solution Partner program

Cinnova has announced its participation in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. Cinnova is a premier technology consulting company focused on enterprise solutions in the areas of collaboration, automation and productivity. This alliance with Adobe is a direct effort to exhibit the company’s dedication to its customers by leveraging access to Adobe’s technologies and extend the solutions it already provides.

Adobe Solution Partner Program is designed for companies that provide products, solutions or integration services based on Adobe technology. Cinnova has been providing solutions based on Adobe Flex, AIR, and Flash Media Server technologies to its global clients for years.

Solutions include Dynamic Visualizers, Dashboards, Real-time desktop content delivery solutions as well as custom collaboration applications featuring audio, video, chat and document sharing.

As a solution partner, Cinnova recognizes the additional benefits and opportunities Adobe’s partner program provides. And by integrating these technologies into its products, Cinnova is able to extend its reach as well as provide superior support to its valued clients.

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