South Asia Mobile Summit Concludes in Bangladesh

The two-day South Asia Mobile Summit 2009 has been concluded in Bangladesh. Mehboob Chowdhury, Chairman of South Asia Mobile Forum had inaugurated the summit. Brig. Gen. (Rtd.) Zia Ahmed, PSC, Chairman of BTRC, Hasanul Haq Enu, Chairman of the standing Committee of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and top officials of the telecom industry of Bangladesh was present in the opening ceremony of the summit.

The conference not only had specialist from the South Asia region, but also specialists from other part of the world. To provide bigger arena of solutions, South Asia mobile operators needed to look towards the rest of the world. That is what the conference brought in and thus it had presence of GSM association, Broadband Forum, LIRNEasia, Huawie, International telecommunication Union (ITU), Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), Nepal telecommunication Authority, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and representative from Mobile operators.


Since its inception back in 2002, South Asia Mobile Forum (SAMF), has been organizing special conferences, research work, and round table discussion as a mean to identify the forthcoming key needs of this region. South Asia Mobile Forum (SAMF) organizes a yearly conference named ‘South Asia Mobile Summit’ which addresses the current needs of the region and the needs the operators.

In order to provide feedback and take the steps ahead, solutions providers and vendors takes the stage and discusses the latest technological solution they process. Over the past years, the conference has gained huge popularity and demand. Most strategic head of the companies look forward to come together in the symposium. While the conference becomes a hub for the prominent figure, the delegates get the experience of knowing where and how the business trends are approaching future.

This two day conference met the desired result of current analysis and brought all the ideas of the strategic heads on the unit expressed towards the consumers and stake holders to notify them the fact how the industry is helping this region to prosper.