Reasons of 'Increased Network issues' in Pakistan

By Naeem Khaliq

1. -Electricity outages issues
2. –EPA(Enviornment protection authority)issues
3. -Site Locking by land owners
4. -Security issues
5. -Equipment theft
6. -Deisel Shortfall
7. -Deisel theft
8. -Generator’s maintenence issues
9. -Batteries theft
10. -Imported batteries issues/shipment delays
11. -Bill Boards displayed without intimations
12. -Increased Tall buildings
13. -GAP between PHA and Telecom companies.
14. –Land ownership issues
15. -Government deptt delays (WAPDA,LDA etc…)
16. -Towers Rentals issues
17. -Legal issues
18. -Contractual issues
19. -Military NOC issues
20. -Approvals issues
21. -Negotiations issues
22. -Financial viability issues
23. -Technology compatibility issues
24. -Third Party dependency issues
25. -Third party support competence
26. -System upgradtion issues
27. -System Constraints issues
28. -Man power Issues
29. -Coordination with Govt.departments
30. -Jammers
31. -Interferences
32. -PTA Complaints cell coordination
33. -Consumer Courts -Media Issues
34. -Cell Gaps/Frequency overlapping
35. -Weather effects
36. -Illegal use of Tower resouces
37. -Towers Electrification issues
38. -Transportation issue
39. -Logistics Issues
40. -Towers security issues
41. -Outsources security deptt. Issues
42. -Towers hardware equipment issues because of electricity outages
43. -Costing factors issues
44. -Too strict SOP’s
45. -Coordination issues between inter teams of Telecom operators
46. -Telecom policy -Budgeting issues
47. -Sites Load issues
48. -Towers fluctuation issues
49. –Competition, Negative Marketing
50. -DHA, No tower Policy
51. -High Traffic Issues -Usage trend patterns

    • Dear Shahzad and Omer Farooq,

      Thanks for the feedback .This was just a bulleted snapshot of the article.Complete article is submitted to PTA for further perusal and necesary actions so that Telcom operator’s network quality can be improved.

      Dear Zubair,
      Thanks for the comments.

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