Telenor Posts Strong Q3 Results

Third Quarter 2009

  • Organic revenue decline of 1%
  • EBITDA margin of 38%
  • Cash fl ow margin of 20%
  • Earnings per share of NOK 2.11

First three quarters 2009

  • Organic revenue decline of 1%
  • EBITDA margin of 36%
  • Cash fl ow margin of 22%
  • Earnings per share of NOK 3.92

Telenor today announced its third quarter 2009 financial stats, while reporting revenues increased by 4 per cent compared to the third quarter of 2008, reaching NOK 24.3 billion. The operating profit increased by 14 per cent to NOK 4.5 billion. Telenor’s mobile operations added 4 million subscriptions during the quarter, reaching a total of 172 million.

“In the third quarter of 2009 we delivered a solid EBITDA margin, and revenue trends in line with the previous quarters this year. The strong EBITDA, combined with continued capex control resulted in a high operating cash flow,” said Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO of Telenor.

Report said that Telenor Pakistan is showing good progress towards reaching cash flow break even in 2010, while Grameenphone continued to deliver very strong results.

Highlights of Telenor Pakistan’s Financial Results

  • The number of subscriptions increased by 766,000 during the quarter, resulting in a stable subscription market share of 22%.
  • ARPU in local currency remained stable as increase in average usage was offset by reduced prices.
  • In local currency, total revenues increased by 16% as a result of a subscription growth of more than 3 million compared to last year, partially offset by lower ARPU.
  • EBITDA increased mainly due to higher revenues. The EBITDA margin of 24% was the highest quarterly EBITDA margin reported so far by Telenor Pakistan.
  • Capital expenditure continued to be aligned with current development in subscription base and traffi c volumes.


Q3 2009 report, 337kB, PDF
Analytical and financial figures, Q107-Q309, 440kB, XLS

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  • really telenor subscribers increasing day by day …. that’s why there revenue is also increasing… telenor get full benefit from MNP service…

  • if zong, and Waird could publicly post there financials i am sure you will get a much better picture of who is really the market leader in this country.

    Active Sub levels for all operators in Q3 09

    Mobilink – 28m
    Telenor 23m
    Ufone – 12m
    Warid 8m
    Zong – 5m

    • This is based on traffic figures and also corresponds with the Capital Market Day presentation made by Orascom. Additionally the new CNIC sim registration service is knocking out significnat number of active sims fraom all operators.

      Try to keep up people there is more data out there and if you just realy on a few blogs to keep yourselves updated you may be missing the whole picture

  • Well, fYI usman 5M for zong is not a true figure not even for others as mobilink and ufone, i don’t know from where you get these (if you have authentic source, please share with all of us) and if you don’t reply that means you lie on this forum.
    Well guys, Zong offered Telenor, and telenor personnels are still thinking as telenor is about to move INDIA….well till now i have that much for guys….
    and yeah usman, i’ll appreciate if you share the source, that will be informative for all of us.


    • Rayyan – i am closer to this than you think and i know for a fact that Zong is offering to Warid and Telenor thought about selling to Zong – but the chinese could not get there act together.

      Telenor does not need money for india it is self funding and again if you were more open in your reading material you may see more than the information that is fed you by your company

  • I Personally have very bad experience with Telenor, about revenue!!!! I think they are generating revenues from the help line calls, it costs Rs. 1+tax/call. and they dont solve ur problem just in one call, you have to make frequent calls to remind that what problem you are facing………………………………………

  • It’s a list of the world’s largest corporations (check your own link, and it’s there on the full list’s page).

    Besides, it’s not clear in which way are they considering “the largest companies”. Subscriber-wise, Telenor still doesn’t top the list, but comes 7th or 8th. Vodafone comes in on second place (if I remember correct) and China Mobile on the top.

    Although it is interesting to note that Vodafone beats China Mobile in the list.

  • dis was for telenor too.. :P nt only for zong :P Ufone is da best..
    i hav 2 sims.. 1 zong 03135085798
    nd i telenor 03455353981
    both telenor n zong r laanti ki aulad.. kuttay! inki maa ki to.. ;)

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