Webcom to Provide 120+ TV Channels in Addition to Current 80 Channels in Islamabad

According to information provided by Webcom, largest cable TV operator in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, within one or two days company will formally offer 120+ channels system with the permission from PEMRA in addition to currently running 80 channels. It is going to be pleasant news as far as the Cable network is concerned but how do subscribers feel is a complete different story.

These channels will run with a separate top-box for tuning and searching channels on TV’s AVI system. Subscribers will have to purchase this box from Webcom and an additional 150 rupees will be charged in addition to 400 rupees as cable fee.

Subscribers can get the channels of their choice with the facility of parental lock – so a lot more independence offered to the people who can afford and pay the monthly rental.

Webcom is the largest cable operator in Islamabad and Rawalpindi running its operations without any competition. People face lot of difficulties in dealing with them as they have no other option available in most of the Islamabad in terms of TV Cable network.

They charge 2,500 rupees as initial connection charges and 400 rupees per month as rent. This is totally untrue for a large community living in Islamabad on rented houses. But its totally opposite to Rawalpindi (a nearby adjacent city) where cable operators are charging “no initial connection charges” and offering a package as low as 500 rupees for six months. That is how the Capital city is the most expensive city in Pakistan.