Link Dot Net Offering 30% Discounted Rate in Karachi Only

Broadband Internet Companies are facing tough time in Karachi, as compared to other parts of the country. That’s due to new WiMAX entrants, along with good numbers of already operating ISPs in the city.

Link Dot Net keeping in view the competition and sensing the demand, has offered 30 percent discount on all of its packages, at least in Karachi. We got this information through CyberDera and then got it confirmed through sources in Karachi.

All other cities will keep getting those normal rates, as advertised on official website.

Another interesting fact about this offer is that it is discounted for everyone and not for students only.

With this move from Link Dot Net, we may see different broadband rates in the country, which may worsen the increasing price war amongst broadband operators.

CyberDera, has reported following prices, quoting flyers that were being distributed in the Maskan Area of Gulshan (Right outside IBA Gate):


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  • Omer

    yaar yeh saab isp choor hain like i’m living in rawalpindi (westridge) if u talk about PTCL double up package offer i went to their office and said that i want their this dsl+ voice call package to b installed on my telephone connection n after 4 days i was told that they cannont offer this package or even DSL only package as it is only offered on lines which r newly installed in 2008 onwards as my line is not fiber optic i told them to convert my line to fiber optic they says they r not offering fiber optic in my area (where lies my fault), on the other hand i’m micronet broadband user since 2007 i have applied for their connection 1Mbps but i’m getting only 512 they say b/c when they convert my connection to 1Mbps i get frequent disconnections i’m paying 1200rs now (where lies my fault) what should i do……………..

    • engr-de-electro

      Dear Mr Omer,

      Its not your fault. The problem lies in the condition of telephone line and distance of your home from the exchange. I suggest you request PTCL to give you a jumper with high SNR and low attenuation if there is at your DP pole.
      Please note if Bandwidth is increased, which is your case (512-1Mb) the high BW decreases your SNR which results in frequent disconnection.

      Alas, I suffer the same case and PTCL is doing nothing to improve their line quality or upgrading to fiber.

      We just have to wait or try using wimax (wateen/witribe/evo/qubee). which ever suits you.

  • orkut scraps

    sound to be a good offer. Let’s see when this is offered in Lahore as well.


      its in lahore as well dude….
      Go to mobilink Business centre (not franchise) and ask for the LDN guy….he will give u a discounted package.

  • Asif Mushtaq

    Don’t think its for all users in Karachi. Must be some local LDN franchise trying to attract people by mentioning student package prices on their leaflets.


  • Muhammad Ali

    okz students package rate now become package for alll… its good news….

  • Cyberdera

    its a very good offer by a company that is having some difficulties in surviving the onslaught of competition but we still think that offering this kind of service in only one part of the country leaves a bad impression and these kind of campaigns can associate your brand with a certain city in peoples mind, i would say this biasness towards the gains that can be taken out of a huge cities people should be discouraged and this offer should be made public for everyone around the country

  • Discounted price should be 840rs why itz 885 for 1mb ..??? And same goez for the otherz ..!!

    • Zuhair

      Regular charges of rs. 1,200 include rs. 150 on account of equipment rent. the discount is being offered on internet charges which are rs. 1,050. so the discount is rs. 315.

  • Cyberdera

    taha nice that u noted that .. it must be some kind of taxation or other duty

  • Rafay

    Wow 4mb in 2775 whereas PTCL offers the same in 3500 and that for students. Beware ptcl competition is coming..

  • shaidbokhari

    basically in every pakage of LDN, 150 is the rent of router and the remaining are the charges of dsl service. so they give you discount on service charges. So if we talk about 1200 then 1050 are service charges and 150 is the routher rent. so if u deduct the 30% from service charges (1050 for 1mb) then it is 735/- and 735+150=885. so that why its 885/- rather then 840. :) If u need this discounted offer ii islambad, pindi and peshawar. Feel free to contact me 0308-5205039.

    • Omer

      what about those pplwho r having their own router i mean personal router

      • shaidbokhari

        its for 735/- offcourse.

  • K. Shahzad

    From organizations like LDN the prices must be same all over the country. However they are offering same 30% discounted prices already nation wide as their student discount package. If they have to offer this as regular package that must be Nationwide.

  • Hafiz

    Why it offer only for karachi , it must be all over the Pakistan , with the real time connectivity,
    because it is seems that the offering pakage information is not currect as it is mention. i asked to all wht it is?

    • shaidbokhari

      Its not only in karachi.Its in isb, rwp and pshwr too. if u r in isb rwp or peshawar. contact me. 0308-5205039