Share Files with Your Friends with KongShare

While surfing Internet may find something interesting or important and you may want to share it with your friends instantly then here is a nice site that allows you to share documents, images, videos or whatever file type with your friends by email or through SMS.

Site is



With you can share any file with your friends.

There are two ways to share files – One is by sharing link with your friends by sending them file link in their email inbox. Second way is that you can also send files on the Mobiles of your friends using SMS link sharing feature of

Maximum upload file is 100MB per file. Your files are kept private, only those can access your files to whom you will share your link. Your files are never deleted from server, will only be deleted if not accessed for 60 days. You can upload any file type but restrictions are for pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive material and copyrighted material.

To send your uploaded files to your friends type their number in international format (+92##########). Your friends will receive your uploaded file download link. Using that link they can access your file from Mobile using GPRS or they can also open that link on PC/Desktop/Laptop to download file to computer. One file can be sent up to three mobiles simultaneously.

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