Get Wateen Cards at Your Door Step

Wateen is in bad shape, we know that. But coming up from behind and leading by example under tough conditions is still something applause-able.

Wateen has given its customers one more facility by giving them the option to get wateen card for re-charge at the door steps of their homes. And this facility is offered FREE OF CHARGE. You just need to call 111-365-111 for confirmation of this request.

Telecom and Broadband industry badly needs the customer service up-gradation. Service like these can help the people in real manner.

  • yup i got the message yesterday very helpful services for remote areas ….heads up for Wateen…great step forward.

  • Applusable or just a last gasp to get more money from clients to fill their pockets .. only time will tell. Its such schemes wich have put wateen in trouble. Just to give you an example, they would outsource the collection to someone else not pay the vendor and stuff their pockets as the cost of collection at doorstep would not justify the amounts being collected. There are easier way to do this and do it more efficiently … but alas , this is wateen and their strategy never makes any sense.

  • how is this service useful for a company suffering a severe financial crisis? If they aren’t paying salaries on time, but are spending on OPEX to support a ‘FREE’ home service of any kind sounds a little confusing and perhaps leaning towards digging a deeper grave.

  • Okay who will buy this lame duck. Is it for sale? Let a professional comapny like Telenor run it and give the country wat it needs a great broadband internet service

  • Earlier I had to travel about 4-6 KM to get cards for my wateen backup connection, its a good move and relief.
    Lets see how fast and efficient their delivery service is.

    I wonder why these telecom companies do not accept payments via credit/debit cards on their websites. That would be even better and payment will certainly be matter of few click.

  • Dear All,
    being wateen employ i can say we are tring to improve our services.we know there are some issue with coverage .If u r located in good coverage area u can properly enjoy wateen service but if there is week coverage then it can disturbe valued customer.and in this regards we are working and giving proper response to the customer in case of any issueproblem regarding wateen service.further more if customer lies in week coverage area we honestly ask customer to refund his/her sevices.2ndly nothing is perfect in this world.and last and most important thing most of the time when customer complaints that serices are worrking slow or customer facing issue regarding no browsing there are many factors.and most of the issue actually from the customer ends.So i can share some information which can definitaly help to resolve customer basic issue.when any customer face issue regarding slow/no browsing simply follow three simple steps.
    click on start
    type in rum %TEMP%
    and press enter.
    then empty temp folder.
    2…my computer—>C or Local disk C—>Windows—->prefetch and emplty this folder also.
    3….Click start menu—>All programes—–>Accessories—>System tool —-> Disk Cleanup—–>Select C—> click ok.
    above mentioned three steps can help customer to improve their system performance and when systems works properly then wateen works properly.
    if any customer is facing coverae issue then customer need to call us at 111-365-111 and with in 24 hours we’ll give you solution by all means.and we are are available 24/7 to resolve customer’s issue.Every wateen employ strongly believes that CUSTOMER IS KING.
    Thanks and regards,

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