Sensible Ticker Version 1.3 is Out!

Last month we have told you about a freeware desktop gadget SensibleTicker. We have also discussed that how this application can be made more effective and what areas need improvement. Now as the version 1.3 of Sensible Ticker, many of the deficiencies are covered.

What is Sensible Ticker?

Sensible Ticker, a project by Syed Rehan, is an innovative computer desktop application that provides up-to-date information to its users, whether they want information about latest news or interested in knowing about the best dinner deal in their vicinity, Sensible Ticker is the most convenient way of gathering the top-notch information right on your desktop.

It should be noticed that Sensible Ticker is the first product of its kind and has never been launched in Pakistan. Moreover, it is neither a search engine nor a toolbar; it is simply a ticker (slides viewer) that provides up-to-date information to its users.

Is Sensible Ticker made for you?

Sensible ticker is an application made for every Pakistani, no matter you are a Food lover, or you love watching movies. Using sensible ticker you can find best shopping discount available at the Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan or you can watch a Live political debate, you can finds jobs, search for best education, Watch your favorite cooking show, listen to you favorite RJ, find apartments for sale, Horoscope, the latest technology offering in your area, and a lot more…

Sensible Ticker also serves as an Advertisement channel, It helps advertisers by  informing potential customers about the product (24×7) by scrolling advertisement right on their desktops.

What’s New in Version 1.3?

As we have highlighted some improvement margins in the previous review, now in version 1.3 Sensible Ticker is improved:

  • Now Users can add their Rss feeds – up to 5 feeds currently
  • Each tab can be refreshed separately – place the cursor on any tab and right click on your mouse for the refresh option
  • Auto Hide and Minimize options are enabled in it, So you can perform all other tasks easily.
  • Ballon help has been provided for better understanding
  • All News are updated regularly and listed from latest to older.

Should You download it?

Yes off course, because by downloading the application not only you can get all benefits listed above but also You can WIN fabulous prizes by simply entering your details, so don’t miss this opportunity Download Here!

Enroll NOW!!!

  • nice software and good information provide SensibleTicker thanks Muhammad Zohair Chohan providing some good information

  • it would be better if you can install it to your computer instead of it being like a portble program and also when i check the auto star on startup it doesn’t work. Anyone help with that?

  • It’s working fine. Which version are you using at the moment? 1.3 or 1.4? I made it portable as some people don’t like to install programs in their machines.

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