Supreme Court offers Online Status Checking of Cases

Now you can check the status of any case in Supreme court through its website, by just giving the case number, parties’ name or the date of the case.

Here is the link:

Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry inaugurated the online case status software, recently. The software aims to facilitate both the advocates and the litigants, who can inquire the status of their cases online on a daily basis. The searches will only work on the case fixed for hearing before the court as per final/supplementary cause lists.

Through the software, the CJP wishes that each and every case heard by the courts should be made available online.

Here is an example of details that this software will provide – clearly the information provided is very brief, but let’s take this initial step towards digital documentation of all information and then presenting it online.


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  • Clearly for those sitting in their NY apartments to see how things getting along back home ! if they have cooled down or not ! lol

  • good initiative, but an awful site..the sites from top level government authorities should be tested throughly before making them live, so the do not crash so often

  • Its really good move by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan. It should also be done in all the High Courts of Pakistan.

  • It’s strange that there are only 2 cases if you search for “zardari” (The State Vs. Asif Ali Zardari), and both are “Dismissed as withdrawn.”

  • WOW that’s great initiative, this way we’re able to see the naked face of our politicians too, what about NRO related cases:)

  • it is really possible but if it will work , then it will ease the people. Thanks

  • I have been reading a lot of stuff about it. but it is different presented, i loved to read this. keep it up.

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