Ufone Loses Rs. 1.7 Mln Due to Billing Errors

Ufone lost at least 300,000 call records for its post paid numbers, last month, resulting into a total damage of at least 1.7 million rupees, told us sources in the company.

Data was found missing for at least 11,000 post paid numbers, while system didn’t record their CDRs (Call Detailed Records), due to unknown error in Ufone’s billing system. It was learned that at least 300,000 CDRs were found missing including local and/or international calls.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone is using Huawei’s billing solutions – while we know that infrastructure manufacturers (in most cases) provide after-sale support to cellular companies.

When we asked about the incident, and whether Ufone, Huawei or the customer will bear the loss, Ufone’s spokesperson didn’t respond to our query, despite several reminders.

On other hands, Huawei’s Spokesperson didn’t confirm the situation nor denied.

Ufone’s billing solution is facing issues since Huawei deployed it. Customers, in the past, used to receive nominal bills one month – while double bills the next month, due to batch processing of records.

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