V-IntelliTrac Enhances Protection Through Anti-Jamming Solution

Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Limited, commonly known as V-IntelliTrac, an EDGE based vehicle surveillance service provider, recently added another safety feature to its comprehensive vehicle security framework. Called “Jammer Detector” Solution, the features operates in all V-IntelliTrac secured vehicles and provides safeguards against signal-jamming equipment.

The new “Jammer Detector” feature by V-IntelliTrac acts as an effective safeguard against all Signal-Jamming equipment. Once the Anti-Jamming feature is activated in a “Tracked” car, even if the car thief tries to jam the tracking system, he will fail to do so, and V-IntelliTrac can easily track and immobilize the stolen car immediately.

According to Mr. Arshad Ghaffar CEO of V-IntelliTrac, “The Anti-Jamming solution has the flexibility to be integrated in previously secured vehicles, enabling all V-IntelliTrac secured cars to be protected. The feature is yet another state of the art solution from V-IntelliTrac, making it synonymous with automobile safety. It has also enhanced the car owners’ personal protection and adds to his financial security.”

Car lifters and thieves have acquired signal-jamming equipment, which render the conventional Tracking gadgets as ineffective. The thieves use such “Signal-Jammers” to steal vehicles, whereby the common tracking companies are not able to trace the stolen car and become helpless.

The tracking Information at V-IntelliTrac can be stored for later retrieval or transmission to a central base station. It can be displayed on digitized geographical maps, bringing a greater variety of intelligent tracking functions. Today, V-IntelliTrac covers over 400 cities of Pakistan, using the cellular network. Its valuable service offerings include: Real time tracking, Geo Fencing, Panic button, WEB based reporting, environmentally sealed, covert installation and elaborate Fleet-Management services. Several other safety and convenience features are available for the vehicle and its drive.