ZoNG Free GPRS Hack : No More

zongIt has been reported that the Zong Free GPRS hack has been completely blocked now. This hack was very famous among Pakistani youth; many well-known forums have made image guided and video lessons to teach you how to activate this hack. The duration of the hack was more than 1 year.

What was the hack?

The hack was very simple. You just had to do some changes in Access Point (APN Settings) to make them use zong mms settings. This way you were not charged and you could use Zong’s Edge/Gprs free of cost, even when you had credit in your account. Because the system does not recognize your status.

  • The first hack was that you change the apn from zongwap to zongmms. This hack was blocked shortly after it came to public forums.
  • The second hack was to change the apn to zongmms but also giving two blank lines above.

What you got? What you lost?

The people using this hack were 99.9% prepaid users, so no matter for what duration and what volumes they have used they are not going to pay for it.

The hack was blocked about 2 days ago, so those people who did not noticed it lost their balance in their accounts. As Zong started charging them as per regular tariff.

Why these hacks do came out?

There is a common perception that evil geniuses who always try to find backdoors and flaws in systems find these hacks, on the other hand, some people think that the companies themselves spread these hacks; the next question may be why they do this. The answer can be that as you know GPRS/Edge culture is still not popular in Pakistan, because of costs and lack of knowledge. Therefore, when one finds it free, obviously, he/she is going to use it, then they tell it to their friends, creating awareness for the service.

Moreover, this also helps in testing network load, strengths, and weakness of the system when there is network congestion.

What to do now?

For those who were using it, do not lose the hope, may be more hacks will out soon, or you can opt for paid GPRS

As zong is providing different packages for both postpaid and prepaid customers

Below is latest TVC  for Zong Gprs

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