Business Tariff Planner on Qubee WiMAX – Limitations!

Qubee, a wimax broadband operator based in Karachi, has offered a service TARIFF PLANNER on its website for business people.

By incorporating this service, Qubee wants to give business class people some suggestions and recommendations according to their needs. They just need to select the type of business and online presence frequency, and there you go. You will get recommended tariff by Qubee after three clicks.

Here is the link:


But what if someone has more than 20 people who wants to remain online, like  Call Center Business. Qubee has its limitations in offering services for more than 20 people. The planner just plans for staff of maximum 20 people. That’s probably a confession that WiMAX technology is not suitable for large sized businesses. This glitch is hard to admit, but it happens to be a fact that if you need more than 1 MB link than WiMAX is not the best of the option you have in hands.

What are they offering for my office who has got about 100 users online all the time? Digging further down, I found that we can only have 1MB connection with 30GB storage. That’s it – They are offering a 1MB for an office who has got up to 20 personnel. Isn’t it too low?


Well, its better than other wimax operators who are not offering anything like that. But it needs to be flexible. They need to incorporate more bandwidth for businesses.