WiMAX in Dubai Vs Pakistan

DU, the integrated telecom service provider in the UAE, in collaboration with Motorola successfully implemented Mobile Wimax operation for Dubai Metro. Here is what the press release said:

With the implementation of Motorola’s WiMAX network, du offers its customers wireless internet access whilst travelling on the metro at speeds of up to 90km/hr using PDAs or laptops via Wi-Fi services. “Offering city-wide internet access on the Dubai Metro is part of ongoing efforts to ensure our customers enjoy the convenience of exceptional connectivity, on-demand, wherever they travel.

We are delighted to partner with industry-leader Motorola on this initiative to provide a first-rate WiMAX network which benefits the thousands of commuters using the Dubai Metro,” said Hatem Bamatraf, Senior Vice President, Network Development, du.

When I came across this news, I was amazed at kind of technology advancement these guys are having in Dubai. Looking back in our own backyard, I was surprised that why we don’t have these facilities for our own people in the first place? Its surprising that we have got huge market for wimax operation, but the operators are busy in mincing money and working out to get return on investment from the DAY ONE.

If Pakistani WiMAX operators offer facilities like these, people will automatically switch over to them. We know that there is some kind of mobility license issue with PTA but that can be rectified if operators want to.

Wimax Operators are only trying to penetrate into population via price wars. They offer lowest possible rates to attract the customers. But they don’t work around to give something new to the customer other than regular internet. We can have this internet facility via PTCL DSL guys. Its pretty straight fact that they can’t compete against PTCL due to the penetration of PTCL and High cost of Wimax operation.

Give people something new and people will come to you.